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Mountain Warehouse Summer Sleeping Bag

Sometimes you will find that camping in the summer is going to be warm and you will need to get a summer sleeping bag for your camping gear. However, if you are like me, when you start to look for this gear you will notice that almost all of the camping gear on the market is going to be meant for winter, or it ends up being a 2 or 3 season type of bag. This can make it very difficult to find just a sleeping bag that is meant for summer. That is why when we seen the Mountain Warehouse Summer Sleeping Bag we decided it was time for us to do a review of this sleeping bag.

Features Of This Piece Of Camping Gear

  • This is a thinner sleeping bag and with that you will find that it is going to be great for the warmer weather or if you want to use this bag indoors. Both of those are going to be a great way to use this bag and keep it all year round. Even if you are not going to use this for the warmer weather you will find that it is going to be a comfortable bag, but would not be recommended for the cooler weather.
  • As we mentioned this is a thinner sleeping bag that you would not really want to use in the colder climates. However, in the extreme conditions, you will notice this is a sleeping bag that you can use all the way down to 41 degrees. This is not something you would want to do, but if you are caught out and needed something to survive the night in, this would help you survive down to that temperature.
  • With this summer sleeping bag you will find the insulation is more of the hollow core which is going to make the sleeping bag a little bit lighter, but it will also keep the sleeping bag in the proper comfort levels for using this in the middle of summer. The good news is the hollow core insulation does have a tendency to help out in getting the right help for the transport of the bag as well.
  • Quite often you will find it is very difficult to find a good sleeping bag that is going to be easy to store in a bag for moving it. With this bag from Mountain Warehouse, you will notice it is going to have a carry sack that will have the cinch down straps. This makes it easier for you to have the bag stowed away and ready to go in a moments notice.
  • When you look at this sleeping bag you will notice that for the most part it is meant for the kids or smaller adults more than anything else. So you need to consider this when you are ordering because this could easily sway if you are getting this for yourself or if you should look at a different sleeping bag for your needs.

What I Like About This Summer Sleeping Bag

The first thing I have to say that I love about this sleeping bag is the fact that it is easy to move around. That is because it is meant mainly for the summer months, but even then it is going to be very light and easy to move around. This will make it quite a bit easier for you to go hiking with the bag, but also know that if you are camping and need to pick up your tent or camper each day it is fairly easy to do because this sleeping bag is not overly large.

The colors of this sleeping bag, as you can tell by the picture are rather bright. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to find the sleeping bag and know it can be identified easily. The downside is the bright purple colors may make this a little bit to bright for the boys to use if they are going to go camping for a scouting trip or if they are going to go out with their guy friends.

Finally, I like the fact this is a sleeping bag that the kids can take with them when they are going to a friends house. You may think this sounds a little odd, but not everyone is going to have piles of blankets laying around the house to cover additional guest up with. Since this is the case, your kids may want to have some of their own comforts to bring with them. This sleeping bag will definitely serve this purpose as it will help you in getting a sleeping bag that everyone can use, but also know your kids can take with them if they are going to a friends house for a slumber party.

What I Did Not Care For

I have to admit that the sleeping bag is more of a single season sleeping bag. Yes, it can keep you alive down to forty or so degrees, but for me I want to be comfortable at those temperatures as well and not just surviving. So I have to say that I do not like the fact that this sleeping bag is more of a single season bag compared to some of the other bags that are on the market right now that are going to work for more than a single season.

My Final Thoughts On The Mountain Warehouse Summer Sleeping Bag

Well, I have to say that I was getting excited when I saw this sleeping bag because I thought that I finally found a great summer sleeping bag to add into my camping gear and that of my family. However, I did find this is a pretty much single season sleeping bag and that is the middle of summer. So it would not work for the fall camping trips or the early spring trips. At the same time, if you are looking for a great sleeping bag that you can use in the middle of summer and do not want to have any extra sleeping bags then I would recommend looking at the Mountain Warehouse Summer Sleeping Bag as a viable option.

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