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Lucky Bums Youth Serenity Mummy Sleeping Bag

Finding a youth sleeping bag is a good thing and it definitely encourages the younger generation to come out and go camping. However, what you will find is it can be a challenge to find a youth mummy style sleeping bag for your kid’s camping gear. This is when I decided that I would start to look at all the different gear that is on the market and find some different youth bags to make it easier for you to have a great time camping with your kids and know they are going to stay warm as well because you have found the right sleeping bag for them to use on their camping trips. With that being the case we are going to do a complete review of the Lucky Bums Youth Serenity Mummy Sleeping Bag.

Features Of This Mummy Style Youth Sleeping Bag

  • This is a sleeping bag that is fairly lightweight compared to most of the bags that are on the market. When you look at this sleeping bag you will notice that it is going to come in at a little bit under the 3.5-pound weight. So this is definitely going to be something you are going to enjoy the sleeping bag because it means your kids should be able to carry this bag over a longer distance before they get tired.
  • The sleeping bag that you have here is going to have a chance to get a sleeping bag that is going to compress down quite a bit with the compression bag that is included. When you are sleeping in this bag with it sprawled out it will measure a little bit over the 74-inch by 30-inch mark. This is going to compress down to around the 14-inch by 8-inch mark. So it is definitely going to be quite a bit smaller than what you would expect.
  • When you are using this sleeping bag you will notice that it is going to have a polyester shell that is going to be the type that you can usually clean up very easily and know that it is going to not cause you any problems. However, at the same time, you will notice this is going to come with a hollow fiber filing that is going to make this sleeping bag a little bit on the warmer side and it will be lighter in the weight as well to help you out in carrying the bag.
  • The sleeping bag that you are going to see here is going to have the mummy style that you are going to sure to love, but also going to like the fact this sleeping bag has a draft tube. This will allow your children to stay warm for their body and when it comes to their head you will notice this has a drawstring that will allow them to adjust the comfort of the hood and keep themselves quite a bit warmer than what they would expect.

What I Like About This Piece Of Camping Gear

When I first looked at this sleeping bag I was thinking it would be like all the other sleeping bags that I had looked into for kids. However, this bag started to strike me as being different and that was when I noticed it is a completely different sleeping bag in the fact that it is a youth sleeping bag. This is a good thing, but what is even better is it is a mummy style bag. This means your kids will be warm and comfortable when they are camping and not really be bothered by anything that could potentially affect them while camping.

The lighter weight of the sleeping bag is a great feature as well because this means that my kids will have a chance to carry the sleeping bag. So I do not have to carry this around for them like I would with some of the heavier sleeping bags. Now, this does not mean that I would expect a younger child to carry this for a long period of time, but it will be easier for your teens to carry with them and know they will have their sleeping bag with them.

When I first saw this sleeping bag I was trying to figure out how exactly this would be keeping the kids or for that matter even the smaller adults warm. However, I quickly found out that is because the sleeping bag does have a draft tube that is going to keep the drafts out of the lower half of the sleeping bag. Then when you factor in the sleeping bag has a great semi-circle hood that is adjustable I quickly saw how this would work at keeping the kids warm at night.

What I Did Not Care For With This Youth Sleeping Bag

Now, a common complaint that we were able to find with this sleeping bag was the compression bag is not the most durable one on the market. This is going to mean the sleeping bag may end up being quite a bit larger than what you were expecting it to be and it could also take p quite a bit more space in your backpacks and this is very true if the compression bag rips out as is the common complaint that people have had with this bag and then it will take up even more room in the backpack than what you were expecting.

My Final Thoughts On The Lucky Bums Youth Serenity Mummy Sleeping Bag

When I was looking at this sleeping bag I quickly noticed that it was a mummy style bag that was going to really work for a lot of the kids and will keep them warm. The temperature rating for this bag is down to about twenty-five degrees so it will keep your kids warm in the colder weather. However, I have to admit I really like the fact the Lucky Bums Youth Serenity Mummy Sleeping Bag has a great draft tube to help keep the kids warm. Overall, this is one piece of camping gear that should work for your kids camping trips.

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