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Introducing Northstar Tactical Coretch 2.5 Sleeping Bag Reviewed

A sleeping bag is easily one of the most important items that you can have when you go camping. I know that with the Northstar brand, they make quite a few sleeping bags and they are also one of the companies that you can easily get to know more about. This is why we decided to look at the Northstar Tactical Coretech 2.5 sleeping back a little bit closer and spend some time getting to know more about this bag and get it reviewed. I know this factor will be one that you are going to enjoy because it will provide you with the information that you need to get your sleeping bag that you want to have and know if it is going to suit your needs.

Features Of The Northstar Tactical Coretech 2.5

  • The design factor is meant to keep the bodies core temperature at a comfortable level, rather than having a lot of temperature changes that you can get with some of the other sleeping bags that are insulated.
  • Has an area around the chest that is packed with the ultra compactable siliconized air core fill. So this is going to make it easier for you to know that your heat is not going to escape and this will make it easier for you to stay warm as well.
  • The hood is a mummy style that you can see in the picture is fully adjustable so you can get the hood moved around and suited to your head, which is going to make it easier for you to get comfortable in the sleeping bag and know it will keep you warm.

Pros Of The Northstar Coretech 2.5

  • The weight of the sleeping bag is only in the 2 to 3 pound range and this is going to make it easier for you to take the sleeping bag with you if you are hiking.
  • Has a compression stuff sack that will make it easier for you to take and put the sleeping bag down into a smaller back pack or even get it kept in your pack for hiking trips or storing at your home.
  • The ripstop material that is used for the bag has been reported as being extremely durable and able to keep your chest region from being exposed to any type of cold air or even losing the warmth that you have worked hard to keep.

Cons Of The Northstar

  • Depending on the weather, you may notice the bag can have some issues in keeping you warm. Some people have reported that according to their weather the temperature got down to 28 degrees and it was chilly, but their are several factors that were not mentioned in this report.
  • Size, as was mentioned if kept outside of the compression sack can make it nearly impossible to bring this on a backpacking trip with you.

Price Factors

When we were looking online, we found that the recommended price is almost 80 bucks for the NorthStar Tactical CoreTech 2.5. However, we also found that quite a few sites seem to have this sleeping bag on sale, but none of the sale prices compete with the price that Amazon is offering. With that being the case, you will notice the Amazon product because of its price will most likely land you in the free shipping zone without being an Amazon Prime member. So you will enjoy this tremendously and know that Amazon does have the lowest price on this sleeping bag as far as we can find.

Our Final Say

This is a sleeping bag that I will admit is not the top rated and is not the best one on the market compared to some of the larger and more durable sleeping bags. However, one thing this sleeping bag is, is a sleeping bag that is going to keep you warm at night as long as the temperature stays above 25 degrees. I know for my personal experience when you are camping in cooler weather than that, you are a truly dedicated camper and will most likely have the specialized gear that is meant for the cold weather camping. Overall, this is a great sleeping bag that you will enjoy taking out into the woods and if you have a short hike for a camping spot will not even mind taking it with you.

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