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Introducing The Northstar Tactical Coretech Mummy Sleeping Bag

Camping in the winter months is often going to be one of the most exciting things that you can do. However, when you do decide to go camping in the middle of winter, you need to be properly prepared. This is why we are talking about the insulated sleeping bags here recently. These sleeping bags are meant for your camping trips in the middle of winter and it will help to keep you warm all night when the temperatures decide to drop towards freezing or in some cases even drop below freezing. So you will want to make sure you read our review of the NorthStar Tactical CoreTech Mummy sleeping bag. Once you read this review, it will be easy for you to see if the NorthStar Tactical CoreTech Mummy bag is the right one for your camping trip or if you should be using another sleeping bag to use.

Features Of The NorthStar Mummy Bag

  • The heat that is generated by the bodies core is going to be circulated around the body with the way the baffling of this sleeping bag is ran it will help you stay warm, even as the temperatures drop outside.
  • Has a compression drawstring for the sack that is going to make your sleeping bag quite a bit smaller so you can easily bring it with you if you decide to go hiking into the backwoods to get away from it all.
  • Temperature rating for this sleeping bag is rated all the way down to zero degrees, which means you will have a chance to stay warmer in the middle of a camping trip.

Pros Of The NorthStar

  • The bag is able to keep you quite a bit warmer than what you imagine because of the way the system is able to keep your body warm and spread the heat around from your body.
  • Has a compression sack that comes with the bag, which is going to help in keeping the bag smaller in size so you can easily go on a hike. You need to remember this is a thermal bag, so even in the compressed size it is going to be fairly large.
  • Pockets are a great thing to have in a sleeping bag and that is exactly what you will find in this sleeping bag as it has a pocket for your wallet and cell phone so you are not going to have them floating at your feet.

Cons Of The NorthStar Tactical

  • Even when you are using the compression bag on the sleeping bag the size of it is still rather large when you are trying to go hiking, but you need to realize any of the thermal bags are going to take up quite a bit of room.
  • Does not have any of the water repellent materials that you may want to have if you plan on being brave and camping under the stars.

Price Factors

When you are trying to find a great insulated sleeping bag you will often notice it is quite a bit more of a challenge than what you anticipate. In fact, in some cases you will find that it is going to be nearly impossible to find a sleeping bag that is within your price range. With that being the case, we did some price research on this sleeping bag and found that while a lot of retailers, from Walmart to Bass Pro Shops does offer this product it is rather pricey and out of all the sports retailers we found the best price to be found with Amazon. You can check out the other retail locations, which I suggest you do if you want to comparison shop, but with the free shipping and other offers that Amazon has it is nearly impossible to beat their deals.

Our Final Thoughts

CoreTech Information TagWhile winter camping is far from our thoughts, for some people it is an extreme they want to do for the thrill or even so they can say they did it. With that being the case, you should be prepared for the winter months camping with an insulated sleeping bag. Since this is the case, I would have to say this is one of the better models that we looked at for an inexpensive price. Yes, the NorthStar Tactical CoreTech mummy sleeping bag does have some issues, they are not issues that are not addressed by the company or can be easily handled with some simple fixes at home. Overall, in our review of this sleeping bag we found it to work great and will keep you warm in almost all of the cold conditions you can face while camping. Easily a great insulated sleeping bag and one you will enjoy for years to come.

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