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Introducing The Wenzel Moose 40 Degree Sleeping Bag

A fun sleeping bag for your littlest one’s next big adventure out in woods or over at their friends. Don’t let the fun moose print fool you into thinking the bag won’t be warm though.
When you are planning on going camping, you may want to have a simple sleeping bag to use. I know that for a girl this generally means a pink sleeping bag, but also camping in weather that is not going to be overly cold. With that being the case, the Wenzel Moose 40 degree sleeping bag is easily going to be a great match for people. This is a sleeping bag that is meant for people who plan on camping before the weather gets ice cold, but also for people who are not really going to need anything deluxe or one that is going to not be used that often. With that being said, make sure you read the Wenzel Moose 40 Degree sleeping bag review to make sure this is the right sleeping bag for your needs.

Features Of The Wenzel Moose 

  • Uses insulated thermal stuffing in the sleeping bag, which is going to help keep you warm in the middle of the night.
  • Has a quilt through construction style that is going to help in keeping you warm all night.
  • Light weight is going to make it great for kids or smaller people to be able to carry with them all day long.

Pros Of The Moose Sleeping Bag

  • Is a wonderful sleeping bag for kids who want to go out camping in the middle of summer.
  • Moose print that is on the outside of the sleeping bag is going to allow the kids to have something to look at when they are camping.
  • This is a sleeping bag that can serve a multiple purpose because the zipper does reach all the way around and can be used as a blanket as well.

Cons Of The Wenzel Moose Sleeping Bag

  • Smooth nylon outside material, which in my experience can be snagged and torn. However, it does take some effort to tear these sleeping bags.
  • It has been reported the stitching that is present in the sleeping bag is not the strongest. So you need to check the sleeping bag for strings before you give it to your kids to take out.

Price Factors

When you are shopping for a kids sleeping bag, you know that you do not want to pay a fortune for the sleeping bag. I know normally a sleeping bag is going to get abused and used, but it is something that you need to have. This is when you should make sure you check the price carefully on all the sleeping bags that you are planning on getting for your kids. Yes, you can find some cheaper models, but you will quickly find out why they are cheaper.

Our Final Thoughts

Okay, now it is time for our final thoughts and I have to say, this is easily one of the better kids sleeping bags that we have looked at before. I know that we really like the Wenzel Moose sleeping bag and think it will be one that your kids will enjoy as well. Yes, we are talking about the pink model here, but you will find by clicking on the Amazon link below that they do have a blue bag as well for boys. With that being said, this is easily going to be one of the best things that you can look for in a sleeping bag and know that your kids are going to fall in love with camping just like you did.

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