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Discover The Alocs CW-K07 Ultralight Camping Kettle

Camping without access to hot water is never any fun. However, when you start to look for an outdoor kettle you will notice a lot of places are going to claim to have the best backpacking kettle and that it can be used for all of your camping needs. The downside is we quickly found this tends to be a marketing ploy and quite often it is in place for you to get the product and use it only to realize it works, but not as good as you would want. Since this is the case we have decided it was time to tackle the Alocs CW-K07 Ultralight Kettle to see if this is the best camping tea kettle or if you can do better. Since this is the case, let us start on our review of the Alocs Kettle.

Features Of The Ultralight Water Kettle For Camping

The pot is made from a specialized material, which is what allows it to be so lightweight. However, the type of material is not disclosed, which could call into question some of the safety measures or chemicals that could be put off by the pot. The good news is the weight is light and it is a covered material.

Covering is something else you will like to know about with this kettle. The covering according to the company is a PP material. I did quite a bit of research on the Internet and found out this type of covering usually stands for Polypropylene.  According to the company, this material does have a higher resistant to heating and that can be a good thing since you are most likely going to use this over the direct flame of a gas stove or turn it into a campfire kettle.

When the pot was being made it is supposedly processed with a hard alumina process. This is going to make it harder for you to scratch and allow the kettle to withstand some of the higher temperatures as well. So this, in turn, makes it easier for you to have a good product and know it will not be scratched up on the inside.

What I Liked About This Kettle Compared To Others 

The weight is one factor that I really liked with the Alocs kettle. Normally, I would expect these kettles to weigh in quite a bit. However, this is a kettle that because of the material that was used in the construction process of the kettle are not going to add on a ton of weight to the kettle. So you can easily have this tied into your backpack and bring it with you, but also because the handle is in a good shape you can have it tied securely to your backpack.

With this kettle, something else, that has been changed is the shape and design. This allows the water inside of the kettle to heat up faster than what you can imagine. Then you are able to make your coffee, tea, or even hot bath faster than what you would expect. So this definitely is a plus as it makes it easier for you to save on the amount of fuel you will have to use to get the heating completed that you need to have.

Handles are important when you are looking at a kettle and in this case, it is no exception. The handle on this kettle was made using the dipped insulation. The dipped insulation will make it easier for you to hold onto the handle and not have to worry about burning your hand.

What I Did Not Like About The Kettle

The one aspect that I did not really care for is the secrecy behind the material used to make the kettle ultralight. Yes, I know it can be a trade secret, but with all the chemicals used in making all sorts of products, I like to know what I am getting involved with. So this is definitely a catch for me because it just says special material that was used. I definitely want to know what the special material is because of sensitivity in my family to certain items.

My Final Thoughts On The Ultralight Kettle By Alocs

The Alocs camping kettle is one that I do like to a point. The catch for me is the fact this is a nice kettle, but it does not mention what the special material used in the construction is that makes it so light. This is a catching point for me and a sticking point. Outside of the one issue that we have with the kettle materials, I have to say this will make a great kettle for camping. In fact, this is a great outdoor kettle to use around the house on the grill when you want to sit outside and enjoy your day.


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