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Discover A Great Camping Coffee Grinder – Alocs Camping Coffee Grinder

Coffee is one of those items that we all seem to need to get going in the morning. However, what you need to realize is it can be a challenge to make the coffee at times because you always end up getting coffee beans and not preground coffee. This is when you look at your camping gear and try to figure out what exactly you can use to get the coffee properly prepared without a small grinder to use. This is why we have decided it was time to talk about the camping coffee grinder and have picked the Alocs brand grinder to talk about first.

Features Of The Cordless Coffee Grinder By Alcos

The grinder is meant for a four in one feature. This is going to allow you to grind up your coffee by hand first. However, what you will like next is the fact this is going to come with a feature that will allow you to brew the coffee and filter it at the same time. At times this could save you money, but you need to realize it may not brew enough coffee for you to be happy with what you are getting.

Made from food-grade stainless steel, it is going to resist scratching and be easier for you to clean than some of the other items. Since this is constructed in this manner you do not have to be concerned about it not working for your needs or even worry about the grinder getting scratched up while you are working on the coffee and grinding it up.

Compared to some of the campfire percolators this is very easy for you to use. That is mainly because this is a tool that will allow you to have easy to follow instructions and as long as it is done right will not get you the grounds from the coffee in your cup when you are trying to drink the coffee, instead of chewing it.

What I Like About The Alcos Coffee Grinder

I have to admit, I really like this manually powered coffee grinder. Normally, I would not really say that because it is odd to look at a grinder and realize you have to step back in time and turn the hand crank to grind your coffee. However, the way this one does the grinding, almost like a burr mill, is great and since you are grinding it as you go it will be easier for you to get the grinding done you want to have.

Something else I really like is how you can use this as a tool to not only grind your coffee but take and make the coffee as well. This is a great feature and definitely one that will keep me coming back time and time again. What is really nice is this makes this the perfect backpack coffee grinder and backpacking coffee pot at the same time because it does it all. I will warn you to use caution when you are using the grinder and make sure you rinse out the filter or you could end up getting quite a few coffee grounds if you are not careful, but the filter does a really good job.

Finally, I love how this grinder can be used for any of the beans you are buying for coffee. I have had some electric grinders in the past to use at home, that would only take certain types of beans if you wanted to get an expresso type of coffee. With this grinder, we have found that it is able to take the beans you buy and make them into the perfect amount of ground coffee for you to enjoy.

What I Did Not Like With The Hand Crank Coffee Grinder

This is a coffee grinder that is made from food grade stainless steel. In my experience, this quality of the product does work good, but as I have found with some of the other products I have used, mainly my travel coffee mugs they do tend to get really small scratches that you cannot see and this usually leads to bacteria growth. Another issue I have had in the past with this type of product is the fact the stainless steel has a tendency to hold odors and this makes it impossible to know what is in the cup.

My Final Thoughts On The Alocs Camping And Backpacking Coffee Grinder 

This is a smaller grinder, but it does the job it is supposed to do. Thi is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to have a coffee grinder that will work perfect for your camping trip. However, you need to realize this is an item that will take up a little bit of space and can save you from having to get all the items you need on the camping trip. This would be something like the coffee cups, mugs, a campfire coffee percolator and a wide variety of other products. Overall, this is a coffee grinder that is well worth the money and time it could take you to learn how to use.

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