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Discover The Primus LiTech .9 Liter Kettle

We have talked about percolators, French presses, and even pour over methods for making coffee while you are camping. However, one thing that we have not really covered is the traditional kettles. These are going to be one of those things you may want to bring with you because not only are the kettles easy to use, but they are versatile in what you can do with them as well. Since this is the case, we have decided it is time for us to go out and review the Primus LiTech coffee or tea kettle, which will make it easier for you to have a great way to know if this will work for your needs or not.

Features I Like Of The Primus LiTech Kettle

The hard anodized aluminum is going to help out quite a bit when you are going to use this kettle. While you may not think about this, the aluminum will resist rusting, but also makes it lighter for you to carry. Since it is hardened you will not have to worry about damaging it either while you are out on the trails, which will make it nicer to use as well.

The handle with the kettle is going to fold down. Now, this does not mean it will stretch out and fold flat. Instead, it is a handle that is going to make it to the sides and this will make it easier for you to store the kettle in your tent, cooking bag, or anywhere else you would normally have your gear stored when you are camping.

With the kettle, I like the fact that it can be used on the outside stoves or burners. This makes it easier for me to heat up the water faster and not have to be concerned about the water getting too cold on me or even having to worry about the kettle not being used properly. So this is something that I found really nice about this kettle and will drive me to continue to look at it.

What I Did Not Like With The Primus LiTech Kettle

While I have grown used to hearing the whistle of the kettle at home, the kettle here is one that does not really have a whistle to it. Since this does not have a true whistle in the sense of what we are used to hearing, it means you have to pay attention to the kettle and learn more about what it is going to do to let you know when it is done. In some cases, that even means waiting in the area of the kettle so you can hear the lid rattle.

My Final Thoughts On The Primus LiTech Kettle

Well, I have to say this is a kettle that will do the job. The hard anodized aluminum will definitely make it easier for you to have a kettle that is going to withstand a lot of abuse as well. With that being said, we do have to say if you want a nice kettle that is light weight, then you have found the right one. Overall, I really like this kettle and only wish the fill hole and pour outlet were a little bit larger as they are both on the smaller side, but for a small kettle what would you expect?

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