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Rogue Expedition Sleeping Bag


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Rogue Expedition Bitterroot Sleeping Bag 0 Rating

Rogue Expedition Sleeping BagNow, I have to admit the Rogue Expedition brand is one that I found is fairly exclusive to Bass Pro Shops. However, it is definitely a great brand of sleeping bags that you can compare to what some people would consider the leaders like Northface, Coleman, and even to some extent Ozark Trails. For me, though, it is a sleeping bag that I have found some people want to know more about and that is why we decided it was time for us to do our expert review on the sleeping bag. In our review, we are going to cover the best features, answer some common questions, give you what we like and dislike, but also give you our final opinion on the sleeping bag. Then you can make a buying decision based off of this.

Features Of The Rogue Expedition Bitterroot

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What Material Is The Sleeping Bag Made Of

This is the interesting part with this sleeping bag and that is the fact the outer shell is not made from ripstop like so many of the other sleeping bags we have reviewed. Instead, the outer shell is a cotton canvas duck material, but the inner lining is going to be the oh so comfortable brushed cotton flannel lining. When you look at the insulation of the Rogue Expedition sleeping bag you will find it uses the Thermolite insulation.

Is The Temperature Rating A Survival Rating Or Comfort Rating

As you will find with almost all of the sleeping bags the temperature that is listed is the survival rating. For some people, this would be a comfortable temperature as they like to sleep in cooler weather. However, for other people, this temperature may be a little bit on the extreme and this can make it very difficult for you to sleep at times. The good news is if the weather is cold and you just want to survive this is a bag that will keep you living.

How Comfortable Is The Sleeping Bag

The comfort level of this sleeping bag really comes from the way your feet are going to fit into the bag. With some of the bags it seems like you have your feet going into a tunnel and you cannot move them. With this bag it does not have the tunnel affect that you get and this makes it easier for you to use, but also allows you to move your feet around more than what you would expect.

Now, if you are looking for comfort regarding the temperature you will notice this sleeping bag does have a draft tube. This will help keep the draft off of you when you are sleeping and allows you to stay warmer than what you would expect.

Who Would Like The Rogue Expedition Bitterroot Sleeping Bag

Well, I have to say this is a great all around sleeping bag that would be well suited for almost anyone. While it may be a little heavy compared to some of the ultra light sleeping bags for hikers as the Rogue Expedition Bitterroot comes in at the 8 pound 7 ounce mark, it is a decent bag. Regular campers will enjoy it and the fact that you can zip two of the bags together means couples can enjoy the sleeping bag as well. The only downside is it may be heavy for some people who are hiking.

What I Like About This Sleeping Bag

I actually like the way this sleeping bag is designed and laid out. Yes, I know not a lot of people care for the rectangle shape, but when I was camping as a kid, unless you were going on a long hike or a mountain expedition this is the type of bag you would have had. So this definitely makes this a great option for people to consider when they are going to go camping.

The other thing that I enjoy is the fact the outer shell is not ripstop. While I do not mind the ripstop materials, I think they can start to get a little bit on the loud side at night. So I love the fact that this is a bag that is not that overly noisy and not to mention this is the type of material I had in my sleeping bags growing up, so I am kind of used to this type of bag.

While camping I want to make sure I am prepared for any sudden changes in the weather. Yes, I know it may seem a little like I am paranoid, okay, a lot like I am paranoid, but I want to stay warm! So I really like the fact that this is a sleeping bag that has a decent temperature rating compared to some of the other sleeping bags.

What I Did Not Care With This Camping Gear Sleeping Bag

A major issue that I have with this sleeping bag and it is probably just me is no matter how I start to roll the bag up to store it, it always ends up sliding off to one side or the other. So I find this is one of those sleeping bags that you almost need to leave in the package because it is impossible to get it folded back up like it was when you got it out of the package.

My Final Thoughts On The Bitterroot Sleeping Bag

I have to say this is a sleeping bag that is going to really be a good model to buy, but at the same time since I am only able to find it on eBay in auctions and Bass Pro I would be a little bit concerned about any warranties in the future if Bass Pro has any issues. Overall, though, I think by the time you would have any issues the warranty would most likely be expired if you are using the sleeping bag like most people do. So if you are looking for a decent quality bag, that is not going to cost a fortune, then you may want to consider the Rogue Expedition Bitterroot Sleeping Bag 0 Rating.

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