The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag 20 Degree Review




The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag 20 Degree


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The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag 20 Degree

The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag 20 DegreeA common name that you see on the high-end expeditions, or at least I see, is The North Face. However, you may be asking yourself is the gear they are using really worth all the hype or is the gear more of a pain in the butt to bring with you and keep going. Well, I am going to let you know if The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag 20 Degree bag is worth the cost or if you should consider a different bag when it comes time to go out camping. With that being said, let us start our review of The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag 20 Degree. Then you can see if this is the sleeping bag you should be considering for your buying needs or if you will want to consider a different bag all together.


Features Of The North Face Sleeping Bag

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Is The Sleeping Bag Comfortable

With this sleeping bag you will notice it is a little bit on the larger side compared to some of the sleeping bags you can find that are rectangular size bag. Now, this does not meant the sleeping bag will be the most comfortable one in the world, but it definitely does the job and will make it easier for you to feel comfortable about the sleeping bag. The bag does have ample space for you to roll over as well at night without getting twisted up in the bag.

Should I Be Concerned About Weight

The weight is a major concern if you are going to be hiking to your campsite. With this being the case, you are going to need to realize the sleeping bag here from North Face is a great addition to your camping gear as it is fairly light in weight compared to most of the 20 degree rated bags that we have looked at. The overall weight for the longest version is just a little bit over four pounds and this will make it easier for you to move the sleeping bag to your campsite.

What Do You Mean By Box End Full Zipper At Feet

The box end full zipper is a great feature and with this zipper it basically means it will form a box like area for your feet. However, at the same time with it being a full zipper it means it can be undone all the way across. Now, it has been reported and we have not checked it out ourselves, that you can use this feature to attach a second bag to keep the bags larger and more like a queen size bed and keep yourself comfortable when you are sleeping or want to share a sleeping bag with your significant other.

Who Is This Sleeping Bag Best For

A common question is who is best suited for a specific type of sleeping bag. Well, I have to tell you the North Face Dolomite sleeping bag that is best suited for  people who are going to be tent camping and want to have a decent temperature rating, but also for those who may have to do a short hike to reach the campsite. It is also good for taller individuals as you can find the long model can make it easier for people who are around the 6’6″ mark to finally have a sleeping bag that will actually fit them.

What Do We Like With The Sleeping Bag

I have to say I really like the fact this is a sleeping bag that is only just over 4 pounds in weight and it has a temperature rating that is going to be down to the 20 degree mark. This is going to make it easier for me to get the sleeping bag and know that it will not kill me to carry the sleeping bag, but at the same time it will keep me comfortable if the weather decides it wants to take the turn and get cold all at once on me!

Something else I like with this bag is the fact the outer shell of the sleeping bag is the ripstop. I have kids and while I am always careful with the sleeping bag, you know how kids are. They have a tendency to just run around and not really pay attention. So this material being a ripstop it does not really tear up like I have seen with some of the other sleeping bags I have used in the past.

I have to say one other aspect that I really love about this sleeping bag is the fact that it is going to be a rectangular shape. I know this is not something that I really think about, but my first sleeping bag was this style as well and that was when I was a kid. So I like the fact that this brings back the memories and for me it is easier to put away as a sleeping bag and get it put away.

What Do We Dislike With This Sleeping Bag

A problem that I have with this sleeping bag actually comes from the zipper. With most of the sleeping bags that I have used they have a type of push guard type of item in place that is going to keep the material from the sleeping bag out of the way. So the zipper can get caught at times and I know this is a major hangup andin my experience can lead to some minor tears in the sleeping bag fabric when you are using it.

Our Final Thoughts On The North Face Sleeping Bag

I have to say this is a brand that does have quite a bit going for it. The quality name, the good brand, and the fact that this is a brand a lot of people us. With that being said we do like this sleeping bag, but have found it to be made with a lot of synthetic materials which in our experience overtime starts to get noisy! Outside of that, which the noise does take time to develop and if you are a sound sleeping you will not even notice, I have to say I would highly recommend The North Face Dolomite Sleeping Bag 20 Degree.

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