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Discover The Camping Tea Kettle From Showutheworld

Camping does not mean that you do not need to forgo your coffee or tea in the morning. Instead, it is going to make it more interesting for you to make the coffee or tea because of the way it is going to be a little bit more of a challenge. However, if you get the proper equipment you will notice the challenge has a tendency to simply vanish and this makes it easier for you to get the coffee or tea made. This is why we have decided it was time for us to do a review of the Showutheworld tea kettle that has a .8 liter capacity review today.

Features Of The Showutheworld Camping Tea Kettle

The capacity of this kettle is not the largest, but it is far from the smallest. That is because the capacity of this tea kettle is going to sit just under the liter mark. So it will allow you to heat up quite a bit of water, but it will take some time for you to get the water heated up properly because it is going to go over the fire or camp stove.

With the kettle body you will find that it is made from anodised aluminum which is going to be a strong material. However, at the same time because it is made from this type of aluminum it is going to heat up and make it easier for you to get the kettle working for what you want, but also cool down quickly so if you are going to go hiking it makes it easier for you to pack it up faster than what you thought it would be.

Normally when you look at a tea kettle the handle is always in the up position. However, this is a kettle that the handle can be either up or down. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the handles in a position that is going to work for your needs, but also makes it easier for you to store if you need to in the camper or your hiking backpack.

What Type Of Fire Can This Tea Kettle Go On?

When you are looking at this kettle, you are going to notice that it is going to be able to go over a cooking fire. However, this is an ultra light, which makes it great for hiking, tea kettle. So you have to be careful with this because it can easily lead to the kettle warping if you are not careful or even worse burning a hole through the kettle itself.  Our recommendation here would be to use this over a camp stove as it is going to have a great amount of heat, but not cause any damage to the kettle.

Does The Showutheworld Kettle Work For Hiking? 

The answer really depends on what all you are going to be doing with the kettle and how much hiking you are going to do. The kettle is very light in weight because it is just over four ounces, but it is going to fold down on the handles so it makes it easier for you to store. What else is great about the kettle is the fact it is going to allow you to have a mesh storage bag to put the kettle in and hang off of the sides of your bag for hiking.

Our Final Thoughts On The Showutheworld Ultra-light Tea Kettle For Camping

If you are like us you want to get up in the morning and have a cup of coffee or tea first thing. However, you may find, like we did when camping it is a lot more in depth than just walking over and flipping a switch to get the kettle turned on. In fact it may even involve having to get a camp stove turned on or a fire and then heating up the water. Well that is exactly what you get with the Showutheworld Ultra-Light Tea Kettle for camping. Our final thoughts are this is a great kettle if you want to go camping and have a tea kettle with you, but you need to remember if you have a huge fire going the kettle may fail because it is ultra-light. Just make sure you know this kettle is an option that is available and one you may end up liking.

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