Sled Legs Review – Winter Walking Made Easy?





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Sled Legs Review – Winter Walking And Fun?

Sled LegsI was going through the Internet the other day and yes it is snowing and icing outside while I was on the Internet. When I started to look at this, I was able to see this is actually a fairly practical item to have access to and it could be quite a bit of fun as well. What else I noticed is the sled legs are an item that I had never seen before and figure it would really be helpful if you are going to be hiking in the middle of winter, but also if you are camping in winter as it would help keep you dry. Now, I decided it was time to do our complete review of Sled Legs so you can see if these are worth the price or not as to me for the job they serve they are priced a little bit high, but not everyone will agree with me in that regard.

What Are Sled Legs? 

I will say this when I first saw these I had the same question you probably have and that is what exactly are sled legs. That is what really piqued my interest in these at first and after doing some research, I found these are an item that you are able to take and strap onto your legs and then run along the snow and when you want to sled you just drop to your knees. Now, what else I found was these can work great for winter hiking as well because the sled part will help keep your legs dry if you end up hiking through the snow.

How Can You Use Sled Legs?

Well, I mentioned some of the ways, but I will reiterate how to use these here as it can make a difference in what you may end up using these for. The kids and some adults will love the fact they can strap these legs on and run along then slide along them to serve as a sled for the kids. As an adult, you will notice this is going to help you out as well because you can strap them onto your legs and then walk along the snow-packed trails and not have to worry as much about your pants getting soaking wet.

Pros Of Using Sled Legs

  • These can serve as a sled for the kids if they are walking along the trails or even in the snow on the hills and want to sled right away.  This is going to make it easier for the kids to sled in almost any condition, though, and that will make it easier for the adults to hike and stay dry.
  • With these you will notice they are going to help you in keeping your pants dry if you are hiking. This can be a great thing in winter when the cold weather can really play havoc on the way that you are hiking in the middle of winter and that can help out in keeping dry and keeping yourself warm.
  • The different sizes you have with these are going to really help you in getting the right one that will work best for your needs, but you do have to use these in people that are at least 4 foot tall and with the larger size it goes over 5 foot, but you do have to be under 250 pounds for these to work right.

Cons Of Using Sled Legs

  • With the sled legs, they can only be used in the winter months and even then it has to have snow on the grounds. This means they can be limited in when you can use these and that often means you could have some problems in getting the legs and using them, but also will have to store them in a safe place all summer long.

What I Like About Sled Legs 

Now, I have to say I really like the fact these are fairly easy to use. You literally just have to strap these onto your legs and then you are ready to go. Then you just have to run along and sled on them when you are wanting to. At the same time, though, if you are older and just want to use these I like the fact that they can help you keep your legs dry.

Something else that is nice about these is the fact that you can use them for multiple purposes. All of these will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the right item and know it can serve several jobs for you. For example, with the way these work, I found that they can be used to help you carry things inside of them and use the leg straps to get the arm hold to help you in carrying everything that you need to.

What I Dislike About Sled Legs 

Well, I have to admit one of the things that I really dislike from these is the true function of the legs is very limited to what you can use these for. For example, I live in an area where it snows, but it does not snow all the time.  This means that this item is very limited in when I am able to use it and get it to work like what I want it to work, which can be very frustrating.

My Final Thoughts On Sled Legs

Kids sledding without sled legsWhen I wrote this I can tell you that I was in the middle of a whiteout condition from one of the numerous winter storms that everyone has had this year. With these items you will see they do help with winter walking and would definitely be a great option when you are looking at camping equipment for winter. Overall, I have to say if you live in an area or plan on camping in a heavy snow area then the sled legs may be a great option, but if live in an area like Florida then this would not be the right equipment for you.

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