5 Must Have Accessories For Your Cooler




An old style cooler


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5 Must Have Accessories For Your Cooler

An old style coolerA cooller is one of those essential items to have when you are camping or tailgating. However, if you want to be seen as a serious aficionado of the coolers then you know it is important to have all the latest cooler accessories. The problem is with all the new items that are coming out on a regular basis, which ones are the must have and which one of the cooler items are the ones that you can avoid getting? At Today’s Camping Gear we know this is a challenge and one you should be able find the must have cooler accessories. By getting these accessories you can start to be the one who is in the know and stand out from all of your friends who are camping or tailgating with you. Do you want to look cool to everyone? Of course you do so here is the 5 must have accessories for your cooler.

5. Coleman Cold Glow Cooler Light

Coleman Cool Glow Cooler Light - Cooler AccessoriesI think almost anyone can see why this accessories should be in the cooler. I mean how many times have you went to the cooler and opened it up at night only to shine your flashlight in and drop it in the ice and have it stop working? I know this has happened to me before and I am sure it has happened to some others out their as well. Well, when this happens you first start to cuss a bit, then you realize you left your beer in the cooler and have to reach back to get the beer and instead pull out the flashlight.

This little handy thing from Coleman is going to help you solve this issue as it is going to allow you to have a light that is motion activated and it is going to keep your cooler lit up, but cool at the same time. What else I really love about this item is the fact that it does not have a ton of light being put off so you can easily sneak the drinks out of the cooler and not announce it to the entire campground that you drank your beer too fast.

What else is great about the Coleman Cold Glow Cooler Light is the fact that it is fairly water resistant. When you look at the water resistance you will love the fact that you can actually use this and not have to be concerned baout the water impacting it, but also can avoid a lot of the issues of the light stopping like your flashlight you dropped  in the cooler earlier. The water resistance also helps out quite a bit in helping you in getting the cooler ready to be used and not have to worry about the batteries being impacted either, which really is a major concern for your cooler if you have any food stored in the cooler.

4. YETI Tundra Cooler Divider

Yeti Tundra Cooler DividerNothing is worse than getting into your cooler and realize that inside of grabbing your drink you grabbed the steak you had been saving for later. I know that this has not happened to me, thankfully, but I have known it to happen to other people after getting a case or two in them. Well, I know this can also be an issue when you have food in one side of the cooler and drinks in the other. Even if you are just having lunch meat in the cooler, you do not want to have to grab the wrong thing when you reach into the cooler. Thankfully you will notice the YETI corporation has come out with a solution and it is a cooler divider.

The downside is this divider is really meant for one of their brand coolers and if you ask me it looks like a great idea, but one that you can find a universal item for. At the same time, though, you may not want to have to deal with the problem of having to get the items to fit so if you have a YETI Tundra cooler this works great. If not, you may find this is going to work great for the cooler you have and this will help you in getting the right division that you want to have in the cooler. If you are interested in the size of the cooler divider here to see if it will  work in your cooler, that is not a YETI Tundra, then you will want to look at the size that is 10.25″ long and 11″ wide.

When I was talking about the different options you can find for this like I mentioned above, the company actually gives you a type of solution. Well, I could say that it couldbe a solution because the company actually said when they were talking about this in the description and that is this doubles as a cutting board. Granted it is not going to be a huge cutting board and you cannot do any of the major cutting as it is only .25 inches thick, it will help you out in getting something that you can cut on instead of the ground.

3. Igloo Parts Kit Ice Chests

An Igloo In The Middle Of WinterThis may not be the most pretty accessory,  but it is one accessory you need to have if you are going  camping or plan on tailgating or having an all night party and you are in charge of the beer. Thiese are the parts that you are going to need to have to help you in fixing the cooler that your friend Bubba decided to use as his personal seat. Okay, well, I am not sure if Bubba would use it or not, but the parts on a cooler can and do wear out. The issue is they never wear out when you are at home and have the parts to fix everything rather easily. No, the coolers are a mean song of a gun and tend to break when they can put you in the most compromising situation.

While these are narrowed down to the Igloo coolers, you can get some of the parts to work for other coolers if you are in a pinch. However, I have found that you can use these on any Igloo brand cooler and with how popular this cooler is it is always great to have the parts on hand. Then you can get the fixes made rather quickly and easily and not have toworry about the cooler not working for you. So that is a great feature. If you do not have the Igloo brand coolers, then I am sorry about your luck with these parts.

Now, I will tell you that you can find universal parts which are meant to fit multiple coolers, but I found these to be a great option and they tend to have everything that you need to have. What else I like is the Igloo brand is very popular and that definitely helps out quite a bit in getting the parts you need. Just remember that these are not universal parts, even if they look like it and are meant for the Igloo brand, but I have found they do work on some of the other brands as well, but you will need to find the branded parts for your cooler or find the universal parts that actually work for your cooler instead of guessing here.

2. AIEVE Coolers Trailer Prevent Slipping

AIEVE Cooler Accessory A TieDownWhat good is the cooler when it is sitting beside the road and you are at the parking lot or the campground?  It does not do you a single bit of good and  actually depending on how much information is litsted on the cooler and where you left it behind could lead to you getting a nice present from law enforcement for a ticket. This can easily be a sitatution you can avoid if you are able to get a tie down to help you in getting the cooler secured and ready to move down the road. That is where I found the AIEVE Cooler Trailer here to prevent the cooler from slipping to be a great option.

Okay, I will be honest the first thing I thought when Iread this title was I thought it was to prevent me from slipping off of the cooler when I turned it into my seat. I had to get over my disappointment fairly quickly, though, because I quickly realized it was not for that and in fact was meant for more of teh holding the cooler in place. I then started to think about this and realizzed just how ticked off I would be if my beer feel off along the side of the road, I mean that would be alcohol abuse right? So I started to see the light as to how good these really are and how it is a great idea to have for your cooler and how much it actually will help you in the long run versus what you could have.

It is important to note these are meant for mainly the Yeti type of cooler, but they are a strap so I would think you could adapt these to be used on almost anything that you have. I know that the way they work does look a little omplicated, but I now you an figure it out and thebest part is the only part that you have to keep secured on your vehicle all the time is the low profile connectors. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the cooler secuured and then when you are not bringing your cooler not have the straps hanging down all over the place.

1. Badger Wheels For Yeti Cooler

All I have to say about this one is I am not Hulk Hogan and while I do not have small muscles carrying my cooler when it is full of drinks and food it is nearly impossible to carry. Well, after I almost dropped the cooler one day, which would have actually ruined my day because it was full, I decided it was time to look at the wheels for the coolers. That is when I stumbled on these little gems here. Yes, these are not the best option for some of the needs you may have, but they are definitely going to be a good option if you need to have something to use for your cooler to avoid carrying it all the way.

While these wheels say they are meant for the YETI Cooler, I have to say after looking at them you could start to get them adapted with some ingenuity on your part for almost any cooler. However, if you are using a YETI those are already heavy enough and that is before you even put the ice and other items in the cooler. So I have to say these wheels are a great find and for me a definite score compared to some of the other items that I have looked into before. What else is great is these really make it easier for me to get the cooler moved from one place to the next easily and quickly.

I do have to say this, though, I did pick these wheels out of multiple sets because I like the way they look. However, if you are planning on dragging your cooler with you through the middle of the weeds then you are going to absolutely love the fact you have different options for taller wheels. These taller wheels are going to work great at helping you in getting more ground clearance for the cooler and avoid bottoming out when you are going down the trails that never seem to be cleared, then you realize you missed the trail turn and it was a half mile back. No matter what, the wheels are definitely a great option and one you are going to fall in love with.

Thats Our List Of The 5 Must Have Accessories For Your Cooler

Have A Good Time With Your Cooler AccessoriesA cooler is a very cool thing to bring camping with you or even take out on the boat. If you are tailgating before the big game, then it is a must have. However, no matter what you will want to make sure you bring along the items that re sure to bring in the most attention and that includes having the must have cooler accessories. Yes, some of these are not flashy or cool looking, like the repair kit or the straps, they are all something that you need to have. These are the accessories that will allow you to keep your cooler with you and know it is working right. At the same time, though, you will have a chance to be the coolest person getting the beer out of the cooler if you have the 5 must have accessories for your cooler.

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