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Find Out About Sodial Ultra-light 1.1L Camping Water Kettle

Finding a camping tea kettle can be a challenge because it seems that all of the kettles on the market now are meant to be used on the stove and none are really meant to be taken outdoors into the camping areas. This is why I started to get a little bit on the giddy side when I saw the Sodial Ultra-light 1.1L Camping Water Kettle. When I finally saw this kettle, I knew that it was going to be a great product that I would want to get my hands on to review for all of my readers on Today’s Camping Gear. This is something that I am really excited about as well because it makes it easier for me to show off my love of tea as well, really love Harney & Sons lately. I do have to say if you have not tried them I would highly recommend it, they blow any tea I have had out of the water, except for some tea my friend from England sends me. With that being the case and before I start going on about tea selection, I will start with my review of the Sodial Ultra-light 1.1L Camping Water Kettle.

Features Of The Sodial Ultra-light 1.1L Camping Water Kettle

  • With this product, you may start to question how durable it is going to be, but you will find that it is actually very nice because it is made of the hard anodized aluminum. This will make it easier for you to use the item, but also know that because of the hardening process it will be resistant to scratching, breaking, and overall damage. Now, this does not mean that you should take your knife to it when you get it to test this, but it does mean for your normal wear and tear it will generally resist any damage.
  • The size of this kettle as you can tell is going to be a little bit over a liter. This is really a nice size because it will provide you with enough water to make a cup of tea but also makes it easier for you to get the water boiled faster. In fact, the electric kettle I use in my house is only going to come in at the .7 liter mark and that is generally enough for me to make several cups of tea before I have to refill the kettle.
  • A lightweight product is something else that I really like to see with a kettle and when I looked at this one I saw that it is going to come in at just over the six-ounce mark. This will make it easier for anyone, myself included to carry it with me without having to be concerned about it being so heavy that I am unable to properly carry it and protect it from damage. However, this is one that you can easily get added to your backpack if you are hiking and not really notice the weight as long as it is not full of water.
  • A mesh carry bag is something else that is nice with the kettle. When you look at this kettle you will notice it is going to have a mesh bag that you can put the kettle in once it has cooled down. This makes it nice because it means you do not have to carry around an additi0nal bungee or tie to get the kettle attached to your backpack.

What I Like About The Camping Tea Kettle

I like the fact this is a product that is very lightweight. This means I am able to easily move it around and not really have to be concerned about it being too heavy for me to move from point to point when I am hiking. At the same time, this also means it will not be overly heavy once it is full of water and the water has come to a boil and starts to slosh around inside of the kettle.

The anodized aluminum is something else that is great about this kettle as well. While I do not really care for aluminum in my camping gear, I do know that it is something that is required if I want to keep the weight down for any of the gear that I am going to bring with me. So I will settle for the aluminum, but only if it is the anodized as it has a chance to make the product a little bit harder and more resistant to scratching and other damage that can happen.

Well, I have to say the carry bag that is present is going to be a nice feature as well. When you are hiking you do not want to have anything extra on your gear than what you need to have. So this is a nice feature that makes it a little bit easier for me to have the product and know that I will not have to be worried about trying to find something else that I can shove something in to carry with me on the hike.

What I Did Not Care For 

I like hearing the whistle of the kettle to let me know that it is done and it is time for me to come and get the water. The problem I have found with a lot of the camping tea kettles is they do not have a whistle to let you know when the water is done. It does look like this is a kettle that follows the same path and I have to say that does drive me crazy because it means I have to estimate when the water is done and ready for me to use.

My Final Thoughts On The Sodial Ultra-light 1.1L Camping Water Kettle

This is a tea kettle that you can go camping with, but you also need to realize it is made of aluminum as well. The good news is the aluminum is hard anodized which makes it a little bit more durable than what I was expecting. At the same time, though, this means that it is another piece of aluminum gear to bring with me camping and I have to admit I prefer steel or cast iron. Overall, this is a nice little kettle but does not have a whistle to use. If you need a kettle, though, the Sodial Ultra-light 1.1L Camping Water Kettle will work.

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