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Introducing The Suisse Sport Alpine Mummy Sleeping Bag

Features Of The Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag

  • Has a climate rating that is going to keep the sleeping bag ready for you up to five degrees above.
  • Utilizes 3 pounds of Hollowblend MicroTekk Z1 synthetic fill for the insulation factors that you want to have when camping in winter.
  • Drawstring around the hood is going to make it easier for you to sleep at night and know that you are going to be able to enjoy the night, but also have the chance to use the draft tube to help in keeping all the cold air out of your head and neck area.

Pros Of The Suisse Sport Alpine Sleeping Bag

  • This is a sleeping bag that is going to come with a compression sack, which can be difficult to get the sleeping bag back into, but for a bag this size it does have the compression sack and that is definitely something you will want to look forward to using.
  • Washing this sleeping bag is actually a lot easier than what you would expect it to be as this is a sleeping bag that is washer safe, but it does need to be unzipped and laid out for it to dry properly.
  • Is a sleeping bag that has a supposed rating down to five degrees above zero, but their have been quite a few wide spread reports that this is being very generous for the sleeping bag.

Cons Of The Suisse Sport Alpine Mummy Sleeping Bag

  • With the compression bag, you will find that it can be hard to get the Suisse mummy sleeping bag compressed to the size you need because of the materials. However, even when compressed down it is the size of a basketball.
  • Zipping up the sleeping bag is important, but their have been several complaints from people in Amazon that it has issues with the zipper sticking and breaking.

Our Final Take On The Suisse Sport Alpine Mummy Sleeping Bag

We started out on this venture with this sleeping bag not really thinking that we would find out a lot of information about it. However, we quickly found this is a sleeping bag that has quite a few features that you can enjoy when you are camping. The problem is with the reports of the zipper breaking on the sleeping bag it can be hard to determine if this the sleeping bag that should be for you or not. On the good side the sleeping bag zipper issues did not have much in the way of complaints after 2012, according to the reviews. So you can enjoy this as knowledge and rest easier with that knowledge. Overall, this is a sleeping bag that has a lot of positives going for it and will easily provide you with the protection you need while camping.

Our Ratings Of The Suisse Alpine Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

[hor_bar id=”354″ size=”4″ comfort=”4″ warmth=”4″ weight=”3.5″ overall_value=”3.75″]

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