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Introducing The North Face Unisex Youth Aleutian

A great sleeping bag that you can use here is the North Face Unisex Youth Aleutian sleeping bag that you can use here.

Features Of The North Face Unisex Youth Aleutian Sleeping Bag

  • Is a sleeping bag that is going to be able to unzip completely flat, which will make it easier for your kids to sleep in it or use it as a blanket if it is really warm.
  • With this sleeping bag it is going to be rated down to 20 degrees, which for most of the kids is going to be warm enough that they will not be chilled when the weather gets cold.
  • The insulation that is used in this sleeping bag is the Heatseeker Eco synthetic material, which is made from 30% recycled materials, which will help allow your kids to go camping and know their sleeping bag did not hurt the environment at all.

 Pros Of The North Face Aleutian Sleeping Bag For Youth

Round circle face giving thumbs upWhen you are looking at the sleeping bag, you will notice it has the mummy style hood. With most of the youth sleeping bags that you are going to be working with they do not have this feature. However, this means the kids need to get a hoodie or something else to protect their head while they are sleeping. With this feature being in place, the kids are going to have the warmth their head needs and not be concerned about their head getting cold.

A draft collar, as was mentioned in the quick take box, is a nice feature as well. With the draft collar it is going to make it easier for your kids to stay warm if the breeze starts to kick up or their is a chill in the wind. So you will not have to be concerned about your kids getting cold when they are trying to stay warm at night.

The sleeping bag has a short side zipper that is going to make it easier for you to get the sleeping bag set up properly. However, this is also going to make it easier for you to have the kids zip up the sleeping bag on their own.

Cons Of The North Face Aleutian Sleeping Bag

Round face giving thumbs downDepending on the size of your children this sleeping bag may appear to be a little cramped. So this is going to be one of the major drawbacks that you will need to take into consideration, but for the average size child these are going to work perfect and will make it easier for you to go camping in the cooler climates with your children.

With the mummy style sleeping bag it can be very difficult for some of the children to get used to sleeping in these bags. So you need to make sure your kids are able to sleep in this style of bag and will not mind it because sleeping with something on your head like that can be new to some kids.

Our Final Take On The North Face Youth Aleutian Sleeping Bag

When you plan on camping with your kids, you usually do not think about them getting cold because you generally go camping when they are on break during the summer. However, sometimes you will find that they have a spring break and if your springs are anything like mine have been recently they are unpredictable. I mean I seriously went last year from having a foot of snow on spring break to this year the temperatures are supposed to be 70 degrees. With that being the case, if you want your children to be comfortable then you may want to consider the North Face Youth Aleutian sleeping bag. Either way, this is a sleeping bag that is warm, comfortable, and meant for kids as a three season sleeping bag.

Our Ratings For The North Face

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