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Are you going camping and will have access to some type of electric supply, you will find a battery powered or solar powered lantern may not work for your needs. Since this is the case you will want to bring along some type of light that you can hang up in your tent or outside under your canopy if you are camping and have a canopy set up outside of your tent or RV to keep you dry if it rains. With that being the case you may even enjoy an item like the Sunjack Camp light that we are talking about here, please note because of how this is set up the article will be a little bit shorter than what we usually would provide you with.

What We Liked With The Sunjack Camp Light

The light weight of the product is one of the primary things that we liked. With this coming in at just a little over three ounces, we have decided this has to be one of the lightest lights you can bring with you and know it is going to keep your area under light for you to use. However, at the same time this light weight does not mean the light is going to be ruined quickly or even damaged because of what it is able to provide with durability.

With this light it has a tendency to put off as much light as a 40 Watt light bulb. This is going to make it easier for you to get the proper amount of light you want to have, but also avoid having the light ruin the tranquility of the beauty of the natural light. Plus with this only putting off the equivalent of 40 watts, which is not going to be bright enough to ruin your night vision once you are a certain distance away from the location the bulb is in.

A wide range of angle for the light bulb to be putting off the light is going to be something else that you are going to enjoy. You may think this is a little odd, but you need to realize some lights are going to put off only a narrow cone of light. However, when you are putting in the lights you will want to have a wider range illuminated and that is what you are going to get with the Sunjack Camp light.

What We Did Not Like With The Sunjack Camp Light

This is a light that we do not like because it is going to require you to have a USB port to power it. Now I do not know about the rest of you, but when I am out camping I do not get the laptop with me or a lot of other USB powered devices. So I would have to say this is definitely something I do not like because it means I have to bring some type of electronic device to power it.

The other aspect that we do not like is if you do bring along a device to power the light you are going to have to keep these two items close to each other because the cord is only 7 foot long and it is not going to give you the amount of space you need to have or you could end up having some other issues because you are not going to have enough cord.

Our Final Thoughts On The Sunjack Camp Light

This is a light that we personally do not care about that much. The light is powered by a USB cord, which means bring in additional electronics and the cord is fairly short compared to some of the things we have worked with in the past. These two factors alone have led us to decide the light is not one we will bring camping with us, but the other factor is we love the old time lantern feel and this light reminds me more of episodes of M*A*S*H with the lights swinging from the tent roof.

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