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Introducing The Teton Sports Camp Pillow

The Camp Pillow is for those times you don’t want to lug along a full-size pillow. Soft flannel pillow case feels like a luxury bed sheet, and envelope design means cover stays on all night long.

Features Of The Teton Sports Camp Pillow

  • Size of this pillow is not as large as your normal pillows, but it is 18″x12″ and weighs in at only half a pound.
  • Taffeta is a great way to protect items and that is what you are going to get with this product as the cinch sack that you can stuff your pillow down into is made from this material, but also draws closed with a cinch sack.
  • Uses the SuperLoft Elite stuffing that is going to make it easier for you to get the pillow and know that you can use it with it retaining its shape after repeated uses.
  • Comes with an envelope style pillowcase that is not going to shrink when you wash it.

Our Final Take On The Teton Sports Camp Pillow

When you camp you need to go to sleep on something. However, what you need to realize is your regular pillow is not meant for traveling on the road with, especially if you plan on going to the campground. The problem is you have to buy a specific pillow for your camping trip. With that being the case, you will really like this pillow because it is compact enough to put into the hiking backpack, about the size of 2 softballs, and will be easy for you to take on your camping trip with you. Not only that the materials are comfortable and hard wearing versus some of the other pillows that you can use.

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