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Texsport 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator – Camp Coffee

Making camp coffee while you are camping is something that can be a unique experience. You have so many different ways for you to prepare the coffee, but once you have found a way that you enjoy you are sure to fall in love with it and want to stick with that method you have found. With this being the case, we have decided to continue our work here covering more of the coffee percolators you can use for camping. In this review, we are going to talk about the Texsport 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator, which is definitely a good-sized percolator but the question remains what did we think of this model compared to some of the other models that are on the market right now? Well, it is time to read on to see what we thought of this coffee maker when compared to the other models.

Features Of The Coffee Percolator By Texsport 

  • Is able to make 9 cups of coffee at a time. This is going to be a great feature because you can finally make enough coffee for everyone in the family, but also know you could have some coffee leftover when you are one of the only ones drinking coffee in the morning.
  • The stainless steel that is used in the construction of the percolator is going to be seamless. This is not only going to make it easier for you to avoid having a split at the seams leading to leaks, with all the heat, but it will also allow for an even heating that will allow the coffee to be made faster than what you imagined.
  • Unlike some of the other percolators, we have looked at before this is going to have a handle that is set off to the side of the percolator a little bit. This will make it easier for you to have a great product that will work for what you need, but also with the insulated wood on the handle will help you avoid burning your hand. It is important to note this is a wooden handle, which you can probably figure out can be burnt at times. So please use caution when you are looking at this over an open fire.
  • With the model you have here it will have the Texsport percolator parts as well. This is going to make it easier for you to get the right feel for the product, but also know you are not going to have to go out and buy anything extra to use the percolator. The included items are the stem and basket, which makes it easier for you to use the percolator.

What I Like About This Model Compared To The Rest

I really like the fact this is a seamless unit. While this may not seem like it would be that important for you to realize, you need to know that it is going to be invaluable to you because it is going to be a model that will not leak on your fire or camp stove from a seam. I cannot tell you how many items I have had in all different types of items that have started to leak along the seams. So when you have a product that does not have a seam, it is going to be easier for you to use the product and know it will not leak, but also do not have to worry about a seam failing.

Stainless steel filter basket is something else that you are going to love about this percolator. You may think, since so many percolators are using the aluminum this would be one that has aluminum as well. However, this is not the case and in fact this is one that we actually like because the stem and the basket are made from stainless steel and this makes it easier for you to use the item to make coffee while camping and not have to be concerned about the metal on the stem breaking on you when you are using the percolator to make coffee.

What else is great is the viewing knob, yes, I know something minor. With a lot of these for some reason, the companies have gone to a resin-based knob or a plastic one to get the work done. However, with this model, it is going to have a knob that is made of glass. This makes it easier for you to have the look into the percolator you want to have and know when the coffee is done or even what kind of progress is being made.

What I Did Not Care For Here

While I do sing praises to the glass knob, I also see it does have some weaknesses as well. The knob can wear out and when it does start to wear out there is a good chance that it will fail you. So you need to make sure you are aware of this because if you are not aware of it you could easily have some issues of the knob failing you when you need it to work the most and end up being shocked when it spills all over on you.

The insulated wooden handle I do like, but I have to admit I hate it at the same time. Now, I know that I will not use this over an open fire because it will catch fire, but at the same time, the radiant heat can easily get this warmer than what you would expect. So be careful when you do go to use this percolator.

My Final Thoughts On The Texsport 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

Making camp coffee can be a challenge. However, if you are looking for a great cup of coffee it can be a lot harder than what you imagine to get the coffee you want to have. This is why I have decided to do another coffee percolator review. In this case, we talked about the amazing stainless steel coffee percolator camping by Texsport. Overall, I have to say this is a great coffee percolator, but at 9 cups it makes quite a bit of coffee as well. Just remember the Texsport 9 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator is one of those that is going to be enjoyable and easy to use, but also fairly durable at the same time. Remember for all your camping gear you can visit our home page, today’s camping gear.

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