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Camping Coffee Percolator – Texsport Aluminum 9 Cup

Making coffee by a percolator may seem a little old-fashioned, but when you are camping a camping coffee percolator may be the only means you have to get this great drink in your system right away each morning. This brings up the next issue you may have and that is what exactly which one of the percolators are the best ones on the market to make your coffee with? Well, that is a good question because we have been working on our reviews of the coffee percolators and you can find all of them in our camping coffee and tea makers category. In this instance, we are going to talk about the Texsport Aluminum 9 Cup percolator. Then you will have a good idea of what this one is going to do and if it will be able to fulfill the needs you have or not.

Features Of The Texsport Aluminum 9 Cup Coffee Percolator

  • Will hold up to 9 cups of coffee. This is going to be quite a bit of coffee and the percolator is not insulated, which means it may be a little bit on the difficult side to keep the coffee warm. However, at the same time, you will notice the coffee is typically going to be gone before it gets cold if you are camping like I do.
  • This is a percolator that is going to come with the stem and the basket both. This is a great thing to ask because we actually found some of the ones you can buy you have to get the stem or the basket separate, which is a little odd, but those were ones that the cost was very low on.
  • The top of this percolator along with the sides are made of the anodized aluminum. This is going to help in getting the heat retention you would want to have, but also going to help in getting the percolator to resist some of the scratchings that can happen when you are camping, even if you are very careful with the product.
  • Compared to most of the percolators and kettles on the market this one has a spout that is very easy to pour out of. This will allow you to have a more even pour out of the percolator, but it will also make it easier for you to get the pouring completed in a way you are able to do without spilling.

What I Like About The Camping Coffee Percolator

Coffee is one of those items I have to have to get my morning started right. Now, this may seem a little odd, but I have become reliant quite a bit on the electric ninja coffee makers. I mean I literally just have to reach out and grab it and as long as I have coffee push a button and the drinks are done. However, this is not available while camping unless you have an RV and are staying in an electric site. Since this was the case, I decided to look at the percolators and this one caught my eye because of the fact that it will handle up to nine cups of coffee at a time, which is quite a bit more than most of the percolators.

Something else that I like about this one is the fact that it does heat up rather quickly. If you think about it when you want to have your cup of joe, you want it right away. You do not want to wait twenty minutes for the percolator to start up. With this one, it is not nearly as fast as the Ninja, but then again you do not have an electric heater element trying to get the water heated up as you will only have the fire or the propane stove to help get the water going, which can take a while if the heating is uneven.

Finally, I really like the way this percolator is going to allow you to pour the water. While you may think this is a little bit odd, it really is important that you have control over the coffee when you are pouring it out. Think about your coffee pots at home, the glass carafe tends to have a point that is going to guide the liquid into your cup. With this model, it will pretty much do that as well for you and makes it easier for you to get it all in the cup instead of missing it.

What I Did Not Care For

As far as finding something that I did not really care for it has to come with the stem on the percolators. Now, this is not specific to this model and tends to be more product specific as a whole for and camping coffee percolator and that is the fact the stems on the basket tends to be made from like a hollow core aluminum. For whatever reason, in my experience, this is very flimsy and tends to be a point that can easily fail when it is being used, no matter how careful you are when you are using this product.

My Final Thoughts On The Texsport Aluminum 9 Cup Coffee Percolator

This is a product that has a single job and that is to make sure you are able to get your cup of coffee first thing in the morning. However, it is also a machine or product in this case that will need some type of outside force to get the job done. The heating that is present in this is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to get the heating that you need to have completed, but it will also make it easier for you to have a product you can enjoy for quite some time. No matter what, I do have to say the Texsport Aluminum 9 Cup Camping Coffee Percolator is definitely worth the money as it is good quality, but also going to make a great cup of coffee if used properly.

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