Texsport Heavy Duty Camp 16″ X 12″ Grill





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Introducing The Texsport Heavy Duty Outdoor Fire Grill

Heavy-duty Camp Grill keeps you cooking. This sturdy food fryer won’t go topsy-turvy on you. It’ll stay right where you put it. That’s because it’s designed for cooking over an open fire with its rugged iron frame and expanded metal grill Food just tastes better outside especially grilled food. To ensure you’re outfitted appropriately to show your culinary prowess in the great outdoors, try the Texsport Camp Grill. The sturdy 16-by-12-inch (W x D) grilling surface is made of heavy-duty welded steel, designed for cooking over an open fire. When it’s time to strike camp, the legs fold up for easy storage.

Features Of The Texsport Heavy Duty Outdoor Fire Grill

  • Heavy-duty folding steel campfire grill.
  • Welded high-quality steel
  • Steel-mesh grill top for sturdy support
  • Designed to handle heavy cast iron cookware
  • Legs fold underneath for compact storage

Does The Paint Chip On The Texsport Heavy Duty Outdoor Grill

A common complaint that we have read about from different people and one that has quite a few contradicting stories is if the paint is going to chip off on these or not. We have found that quite a reviews back this story up, but you need to realize it is painted on and that it is going come off. However, it is recommended that you take and burn this over a fire at first to help you in getting rid of the paint and any of the items that could hurt you.

Is It Possible To Use The Texsport Heavy Duty Outdoor Grill With Cast Iron

The short answer is yes, you can use the outdoor grill with cast iron cookware. The best part is the grill has a large enough surface area that you can even use some of the griddles that you would want to use to make breakfast. So this is going to be something that you will really like because it makes it easier for you to cook all of your food because you can use the cast iron cookware that works wonders at getting all the camp cooking completed that you want to get done.

Height Of The Outdoor Grill By Texsport Could Be An Issue

We found that the height of this grill is going to be an issue at times for some people if they want to stay away from the fire or they want to actually have a nice hot fire. The reason this can be a challenge is the grill itself is only 8 to 9 inches tall. So you will have to have the grill lover a nice hot coal bed or pulled off to the side to help ensure that you are not going to burn your hand when you are trying to cook your food on it.

Our Final Thoughts On The Texsport Outdoor Heavy Duty Cooking Grill

Cooking outdoors can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very difficult to do as well.  We know when you are camping, though, it is important that you get the food prepared properly. By knowing about this grill, though, it will be easier for you to get the cooking done like you want to, but also avoid burning your hands. Overall, this is a good grill that will make it easier for you to get all of your cooking set up. However, if you have a large roaring fire this may not be the best option for you with cooking because it does sit rather low and close to the fire.

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