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Discover The Disney Youth 2 Pole Dome Tent

Designed to be setup easily on any surface including carpet. Great graphics and fun to use.

Trying to find the best tent for your kids can be a challenge. It seems they always want to sleep on their own, but never really want to use the tent that you pick out for them. That is because the kids find tents in the stores that they can use on their own and want to get these tents. Usually they are related to characters they see on television or have seen in a book. With that being the case, Disney has really capitalized on the kids desire to get the best tents possible and put out multiple character set tents. With that being the case here is a review of the Disney Youth 2 Pole Dome Tent with Lightning McQueen as the character on the tent.

What We Liked With The Disney Youth 2 Pole Tent

The main thing that we liked with this tent is the fact that it is a two pole tent. This makes it a lot easier to set up than what some of the other tents are. Usually you never think about this, but when you are setting up a kids tent you want it to be as simple as possible. Face it the tent is going to have a lot of abuse and more than 2 poles makes it hard to set up and get in place. With only the two poles the setup goes quickly, but so does the take down. Then you will not have to worry about your kids bugging you every five minutes to get the tent set up so they can get into it.

Height Is Decent For Kids With The Disney Youth Tent

Being that this tent is for kids you would not expect it to be that tall in the middle. However, this is a tent that has a decent height for kids because in the middle of the tent it is going to reach 36 inches. So most of the kids will be able to use this tent, but as a parent you probably will not find it very comfortable.

D Style Door Makes It Easy For Kids

When you are a kid you usually will not want to have a door that opens the normal way because it is hard to get in and out of. With this tent it has the D-Style door that is going to make it easier for your kids to get in and out of the tent. However, they will also have a tent that is going to be easy for them to get in and out of.

Can The Disney Youth Tent Be Used Outside? 

This is a question that we have been asked before and to be honest with you, I would not recommend using it outside. While this is a tent it is more of a play type of tent that is going to be used indoors. If you do want to use this outside, I would recommend using it in the back of your vehicle or truck. Then you will be able to put an air mattress under the sleeping bag and this is going to make it a lot easier for you to use the tent and know your kids will be safe.

How Big Can The Kids Be?

This is another question that keeps coming up and the kids size is going to vary. It really is going to depend on how large the kids are. If you have smaller kids then you can fit them in the tent a little bit longer than normal. However, if your kids are large then obviously it will be harder to fit the kids in it for a long period of time. So it really is going to depend on the size of your kids as to how long they can use this tent.

Our Final Thoughts

When you are looking for a kids play tent, then you need to know that Disney is a great option. We know that our kids loved their Disney play tents growing up and they even took them outside from time to time. Granted we did not let them sleep in the tents outside because they are light weight and we did not have a vehicle to hold the tent, but it would work for that in a pinch. Overall, the Disney tents are a great character tent and can keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

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