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Wealers Aluminum Camping Kettle Review 

Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature, but it does not mean that you have to lose the concept of having some of the modern products you have come used to having. That includes something that some can see as simple as a tea kettle, but what is very true is the fact so many households use the electric kettles anymore it has become a comfort so many people overlook when they go camping. I know this is very true as I have had a lot of people ask how they can heat up water or make coffee or tea when they are camping on our Facebook page. This is why I have decided it was time to talk about the Wealers Aluminum camping kettle today so you know what to expect with this kettle.

Why Consider The Wealers Camping Kettle

Well, I guess the reason that you would want to consider this product is Wealers is an upcoming camping company. The company has been around for quite a while actually, but when compared to a company like Coleman’s it is very hard to say Wealers is not a new company. Wealers is a company that does pride itself on designing, using, and manufacturing all the products they have made on their own. So this is definitely some great information for you to have because this means the company cares and when a company is like that they have a tendency to really care for the thoughts you have on the products. This being the case it helps guarantee your camping teapot or tent pegs, or even camping stove will be at the top level when you go to use it.

Features Of The Aluminum Kettle By Wealers

  • The kettle is made from very hard anodized aluminum. This is going to make the product in most cases resistant to scratching, corrosion, and even going to allow it to have a little bit of a fairly even heating for the water.
  • Compared to some of the other water kettles we have talked about to use in camping, this one seems to have a larger capacity as it is going to be able to handle 1.4 liters of water when you are going to be using it.
  • With the kettle, it has a silicone handle that will allow you to have the comfortable handle to hold onto when you are heating up your water. However, what else is nice is the handle can be folded down to make sure it will fit your camping backpack or your camping gear.

What I Like About The Wealers Camping Kettle 

Now, this is more of my opinion and going to be something that you can take with a grain of salt or you can take seriously. However, one of the first things that I really love about this kettle is the fact that it is going to make it easier for you to store when you go camping with the fold down handle. This means I do not really have to worry about fighting with the handle of a tea kettle when I am packing for camping.

The pouring angle of the kettle is something else that is very nice with this product. While the lid on some of the kettles will pop off very easily, this is one of those kettles you are able to get a decent pouring angle on. Now, this does not mean that I go out and pour the boiling water out with the kettle sitting at a right angle, instead you have a decent pouring angle that makes it easier for you to get the water poured out quickly. No matter what this will make camping boiling water fast rather easy for you to do.

Lightweight is one of the great features I like as well. Normally, a tea kettle will be rather heavy at times and this can really make it difficult to get the kettle moved around to go camping with you. However, this is something that I really like about this kettle because it has a larger capacity of 1.4 liters and the weight of the kettle because it is aluminum and even when it is shipped to you the weight is under a pound.

What I Dislike With The Camping Water Kettle

This is a kettle that the lid is not going to be as secure as what I would like. Yes, I like the feature because the lid does stay on as I mentioned in what I liked. However, at the same time, I hate the fact that if you go past a certain angle the lid is going to fall off. So this is definitely going to be an issue that you are going to need to overcome when you are using the kettle because if you get past a certain level on the pouring angle it will come off.

With the kettle being made out of the hard anodized aluminum it is supposed to be scratch and corrosion resistant. What I have found is the fact that the aluminum, which is light and hard, can be damaged at times. This is often going to be damage that happens over time, but it is going to be something that I have seen happen and when it does happen you generally are not going to like the kettle anymore because it is going to not be as resistant to the corrosion you are trying to avoid.

My Final Thoughts On The Wealers Aluminum Camping Kettle 

I have to say that Wealers is a brand that I did not know much about when I started this article. However, I really found the company is one that does stand by the product and has a tendency to offer only the best products on the market. With that being the case, I like the fact the aluminum tea kettle because it definitely does work great on getting some of the best campfire water heating completed quickly and easily. With that being said I really like the fact this is a great camping kettle that will make it easy to start boiling water while camping.

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