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Discover The Outdoor Portable Silicone Kettle By Wealers

Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy a family vacation, but making hot water for tea is a challenge, which is why we have decided to talk about the outdoor portable silicone kettle here by Wealers. This is different than a lot of the kettles we have talked about in the past as the outdoor kettle here is made from silicone and I have to admit, that is the body of the kettle is made of the silicone, but the rest of the base is actually made of the stainless steel that makes it easier for you to heat up the water and even have a great product that will last you for a long period of time. Without, much more to go on with the introduction let us start with the review of this product.

Wealers Company – Why Consider Their Products

As we mentioned before in another one of the Wealers products we have covered, it is a company that has managed to be more of the eco-friendly companies from what we have found. This is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to take the materials out in the woods and know they are not going to be harmful to the woods. However, at the same time, you will notice the company is one that tries to use materials that are natural as well, which is going to help preserve the natural resources that are present in the land as well.

Features Of The Wealers Outdoor Silicone Kettle For Camping

  • The kettle because of the way it is made is very lightweight. This will make it easier for you to take the kettle out onto the trails with you, but also have a chance to bring this into the tent with you and help guarantee you are not going to to have to much weight in your backpack when you are out on the trails.
  • The stainless steel bottom is going to ensure you can use this over a camping stove. At the same time, you will find the silicone sides is what is going to make the weight lighter, but also to help ensure you are going to have an item you can collapse down into your backpack.
  • Unlike a lot of the products that we have talked about in the past, this is one of those kettles that are is going to have a locking handle. The handle will lock in place, which is going to make it easier for you to pour the water out, but it also will help ensure you are going to avoid burning your hand at all.
  • Since this is silicone a lot of people are going to complain or be worried about the kettle having BPA inside of it. However, what is great about Wealers, is the fact they have taken into account the safety of the customers as well as nature and made this product to be BPA free and going to help ensure it does not have any BPA inside of it which can harm you and nature.

What I Like About This Camping Tea Kettle

The weight of this kettle is a great feature. Since it has only a stainless steel bottom it only has that little amount of weight. The side of the kettle, on the other hand, are made from silicone, which to some people may seem like a very flexible type of plastic, which in some regards I guess is true. So this is definitely a plus and a feature that I really like with this kettle compared to some of the others I have used in the past.

Easy storage is another aspect that I really enjoy this kettle. Since it is made from the silicone, which not only makes it lightweight, it also keeps it ready to be used at any point in time as it can be collapsed in. This is going to make it easier for you to store the product but also going to help you keep the kettle in good working order.

A lot of the kettles that I have seen in the past that collapse in on itself is going to have some issues in getting the kettle handle not being very secure on the kettle and I am constantly worried about this slipping and causing my hand to get burned or even worse spilling the boiling hot water on the table. With this handle, it is going to lock in place and this makes it easier for you to use the kettle and know it will keep the kettle in a secure pouring position for you.

What I Did Not Care For

The main feature that I did not care for is the fact that it does have the silicone sides, which is nice and heat resistant, but they can wear out. Just like anything you have that is going to have movement you will notice it can start to wear out. I have had quite a few silicone items that collapse down and pop back upstart to wear out on me. This often leads to the item wearing out or having wear marks. This over time will start to lead to leaking with the kettle or have a thin spot which may not be as resistant to the heating you have.

My Final Thoughts On The Outdoor Silicon Kettle By Wealers

This is a great camping tea kettle that you can use time and time again. The kettle will collapse in on itself, but it will also make it easier for you to have a great item that you can bring with you for camping as it is lightweight and if you are planning on going backpacking easily fit it into your backpack. Overall, this is a great kettle that can do quite a bit, but at the same time, you need to be mindful if you are constantly opening and collapsing it can start to wear out on you and this can easily lead to you having it fail one day when you need it the most. Outside of that, this is a great camping tea kettle or a silicone tea kettle for outdoor use.

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