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Discover The Best State Campgrounds In Montana For Camping

Montana State ParksCamping is one of those past-times that so many people use to get out of the big city and reconnect with nature. However, one aspect they tend to overlook is where they are going to be staying at times. This is why we have decided it was time for us to go out and find the best state campgrounds in Montana. Now, I do have to mention we are writing this in early November so we do not really recommend going out right now and finding these campgrounds because it may not work out too well for you because of the constant low temperatures and snow threat. So our list, from Todays Camping Gear, will definitely help you in getting your ideas on where to go for your Montana camping trip next spring to summer months.

How Did We Narrow Down The Best Campgrounds In Montana List

Well, I have to admit it was quite a bit of fun exploring all the campgrounds in Montana that are run by the state. However, at the same time, it also meant quite a bit of work as well, which really detracted from the amount of fun we were able to do. However, with a state as beautiful as Montana and with so much in the way of a big sky available for you to enjoy, it is easy to see why we had fun even while we had to work to get the work done. We did take several factors for the campgrounds into account with those being the types of spaces, location, natural beauty, and what kind of activities the location offered for you to be around.

Giant Springs State Park

Montana State Campground - Giant Springs State Park - State Campgrounds in MontanaHave you ever wanted to go someplace that Lewis and Clark had been to? If you have then you have to check out Giant Springs State Park. This is a park that is going to be amazing for a lot of the travelers that are going to it and it does offer one unique feature not many people will consider as being different. That is the fact the Giant Springs State Park has one of the largest natural freshwater springs in the country. So this is definitely a major attraction you will enjoy at this campground.

As far as the amenities you will enjoy the fact this is a campground type of park and it has quite a few features that will make this park stand out from the rest of the parks we have looked at. Some of these are going to include some amazing fishing and the hatchery that is very close by on the grounds actually. The children will love this park as well because it offers plenty of educational opportunities for your kids to enjoy while they are camping.

Learn more about this beautiful park at Giant Springs State Park website.

Salmon Lake State Park

Salmon Lake State Park is one you will like because it is going to provide you with quite a bit of beauty of a pristine lake, but also some great fishing chances as well. The park offers some great campsites for you to enjoy, but it also has some great ways for you to go out and see the various locations that are available for you to enjoy. For example, you may find the chance to take a hike one day and see some of the nature that you never saw before. However, the next day you may want to just go out and enjoy the water and some of the amazing watersports that are available.

If you want to learn more about this beautiful park make sure you check it out the Montana State Park website for Salmon Lake by clicking here.

Whitefish Lake State Park

Whitefish Lake State Park - Montana CampingWhitefish Lake State Park is one that has a couple of things going for it. The primary thing it has is the location is both amazing and relaxing, but at the same time, the location can be a bad thing as well. For this park, depending on the campsite you get you may end up finding yourself next to the train tracks. This may not seem like it would be that bad, but the railroad runs on a schedule and it is not always your schedule. So you can expect to hear the trains rumbling through on a regular basis and it can get loud.

If you do not get that spot that is by the train tracks then you can easily find yourself having an amazing trip. The Lake offers quite a bit for you to do with fishing easily being one of the main recreation points. If you are into water sports you will like the fact the lake offers you quite a few of those to partake in as well. What else is amazing is the hiking you can do around the park to get some of the amazing mountain views you have always heard that Montana is very famous for having.

Want to learn more about Whitefish Lake? Here is the official website from Montana.

Lewis And Clark Caverns State Park

Lewis and Clark Campground in MontanaLewis and Clark are a couple of very famous explorers that you may have heard of before. This is a huge limestone cavern, that some say is the largest in the Northwest, that has been named after them. The caverns are definitely a place that can have an impact on people because this really showcases how powerful mother nature is and how it can take something like rock and transform it into what it is going to look like as being a completely natural looking thing, which it is.

Now when you are at this park you will notice they do offer the tours of the caverns. These tours are guided to avoid injury and to guarantee you are going to get the most out of the tour. However, when you are camping here you will notice these tours are going to be well worth it because you will learn so much about the caverns and the region as well.

Want to learn more about the location? Check out the Lewis and Clark Caverns website.

Makoshika State Park

Have you ever wanted to go out and find a dinosaur before? If you have then you will love the Maoshika State Park. This is a park that has some amazing trails for you to hike on, but it also has the fossils of a T. Rex inside of it as well. This is going to make this into one of those trips you will not forget. Not to mention this is close to the start of the badlands area as well, which is going to make it even more memorable for you to go out and enjoy the trip.

What is great about this location is the fact you do have the park museum available and that will educate you more about the location and the fossils than any other place you can imagine. What else is great is this is the largest state park in Montana and that will allow you to go out and enjoy the region even more.

Learn more about Makoshika State Park on the Montana States Park website.

What About The Rest Of The State Campgrounds In Montana

Out of all the parks in Montana and quite a bit of research, we found that only 24 of the parks are going to offer you the opportunity too camp in this beautiful state. While this may seem like it is an outrage, you have to look at where you are and this makes it easier for you to see why this makes sense for the state, but also why we have narrowed down our list to the parks that we have. With that being the case, we have covered quite a few of the parks that we enjoy and has quite a few features. This is just a small sample of the state campgrounds in Montana and you will find that no matter where you stay all of the campgrounds in Montana are going to offer you a unique vacation you will never forget.

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