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Great Camping Gear Piece  – An Ultralight Camping Kettle

Camping gear is one of those items you need to have while camping, but you will find that some items are required and are not overpriced and that can include the camping kettle. With that being the case, we have decided it was time for us to continue our series that is covering the camping kettles you can use. In this case, we are going to talk about the DoCooler 1.1 Liter Ultralight Camping Kettle, which will allow you to see that we are covering all the brands that are on the market but also going to allow you to have a chance to make a better decision on where you should be getting the camping supplies from, but also makes it easier for you to find the gear you need to ensure you have a great camping trip.

Features Of The DoCooler Ultralight Camping Kettle

  • This is a kettle that is going to be able to handle 1.1 Liters of water. This will typically be more than enough water for you to make yourself a large cup of coffee, but also have enough left over to brew a cup of tea as well or have hot water for the dishes after you have breakfast and want to have hot water, but not boiling hot water to do the dishes in.
  • The kettle is made of anodized aluminum, which is the hardened form of aluminum and it is definitely something you are going to get used to having available to you because it is going to have the claim that it is scratch proof and typically is going to have no issues that would lead to the kettle being ruined.
  • Without any water inside of the kettle, you will find it is going to be very lightweight. This makes it easier for you to get the kettle and know you will have a chance to get the kettle that is going to let you take it camping with you and know it will not add in a lot of extra weight inside of your backpack or camping gear that you are going to be bringing with you.

What Do I Like About This Kettle

I really like the fact this is a kettle that has a perfect shape to it. Now you may notice it is going to look like most of the kettles you can buy. However, what you will find that I am talking about as well is the sides that are going to be looking more like the rounded shape you would like to have. So this is definitely an aspect of the kettle that I am going to enjoy.

The thermal conductivity that is present in the kettle is something else you are going to like because I know I loved the way this kettle has conducted the heat. This conduction generally makes it easier for you to get the water you are going to heat up to get heated up evenly without having to be concerned about there being any type of uneven heating. So this is going to be something else you will enjoy because of how nice the water is going to be prepared and the speed which it allows the water to be heated up.

Anodized aluminum is a great feature that claims to be a little bit on the almost indestructible side. So this is definitely a major plus that I really like with this product compared to some of the other kettles that we have seen that are made from silicone that have only the stainless steel bottoms to protect it from direct heat.  So this is definitely a plus that I really like with this kettle because it is a complete and solid unit.

Finally, if you are camping and need to store the camping tea kettle, then you know that space is at a premium and even having a handle sticking up can make it impossible for you to get the kettle stored properly. Well, that brings me up to the point about what I really like with this kettle and that is the fact this is a kettle that has a handle that is going to fold down, which makes it easier for you to store the kettle inside of your tent or cabinet of your camper.

What I Did Not Like About The DoCooler 1.1 Liter Ultralight Camping Kettle

Okay, I have to say the one thing that I do not really care for about this compared to the best camping tea kettle is the fact this is a kettle that has had some issues with the size. While it claims it will hold 1.1 liters of water, I have found this is a kettle that has some issues with the actual amount of water it holds. So this is definitely something you will want to consider, but it is definitely a viable option for cheap camping gear.

The other aspect that I did not enjoy with this kettle is the shorter pour spout. While I may have never thought about this before, I really do rely on the pour spouts to be a little bit on the longer side. With this spout, it reminds me of the song I am a little tea kettle. Except instead of the spout being the entire arm it stops about the shoulder and does not go on any further than that.

My Final Thoughts On The Camping Kettle

I have to admit, I have never heard of the DoCooler brand before. However, it is a brand that is fairly reliable and is definitely a brand you are going to like because it seems to be very durable and is able to make it easier for you to boil water. Now, this is only made out of the anodized aluminum which can melt if you get it too hot. The key thing we have found is no matter what having a good quality camping kettle, like the DoCooler 1.1 Liter Ultralight Camping Kettle, is a must in all of your camping gear. We actually give you a thumbs up on this kettle because it is one that is decent and will do the job you want to have completed.

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