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Camping with your dog


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What Do You Need To Bring Camping With Your Dog

When you decide to go camping with your dog, you will be bringing a loving family member with you. However, you will quickly find that you are going to need to have some extra piece of camping gear that you need to bring with you. Now, typically this gear is not the pieces you would usually be bringing with you, but it is gear that you need to have. The problem is their is always a couple of items that you forget and this means you have to head to the camp store or the local store to pick up the item. That is why I have come up with this handy list that you can use and if I can figure out how to make it printer friendly I will do that in the future. With that being the case, here is our list of things that you need to include in your list and a short reason why you will need to bring these.

1. Collapsible Water And Food Bowl

While it may seem like this is a straight-forward item to bring with you, it is very easy for you to forget these items. That often means you have to take a trip to the store and not the camp store to get a bowl for your dogs. Yes, you can use a non-collapsible bowl, but you will find these bowls do not typically fit well into your camping gear and this makes it harder for you to bring these with you. So you will want to consider this as an important item that you should be bringing with you or you could end up needing to get some extra space in your camping bag to bring everything with you. When you are looking at these bowls you will want to find one that does collapse small enough to fit into your backpack and even have it large enough that when it unfolds it will make it easier for your dogs to get a drink or eat out of.

2. Heavy Duty Leash

Well, I have to say this is an item that you are going to want to have because it means you can finally walk your dog around the campground. Now, you may think that heavy duty leashes are a bit of overkill, but you need to realize this is not the case. In fact, the heavier duty leashes could help you out because your dogs are going to have a lot of new smells that they are going to want to go out and explore. So you will want to make sure you have a heavier leash than what you normally would have to allow you to keep control with your pet easier.

3. Stake For Tieout

Well, as much as you probably hate having to tie your dogs out, you probably do not want to have to hold onto the leash all the time when you are sitting outside. Since this is the case, you will want to make sure you know to bring along a stake with some chain or something else for your dog to be tied to the stakeout with. Then you will have a chance to get the dogs outside with you and know that you do not have to hold onto the leash the entire time. What is important is you keep the stake close enough to you that your dogs can come over to you and sit with you, but far enough away from the fire you do not have any problems with your dogs getting burned.

4. Dog First Aid Kit

While you will want to have a first aid kit for camping anyways, you will want to make sure you have one that is going to have some extra supplies for your dogs. Now, the best way to make sure you have everything that you need is to check with the vet as to what you should be bringing. However, I will say that in my experience most of the items that I would normally bring with my own first aid kit is what you will need to bring for your dogs as well.  What I would always do would be to buy one of the first aid kits and then add in some extra gauze and even some splints that would be meant for the dogs. Face it, they will need more gauze if they get hurt and typically will need to have tape to hold them on or you could have some issues in the gauze staying on the dogs.

5. Dog Light 

This may be something that you are not used to seeing or even considered getting. Howver, the dog light is going to be a great item for you to get. These lights will help you keep track of your dog, but in the campground will allow others to see your dog as well so they do not step on them or trip on them accidentally. However, what else is great about these lights is the fact you can use them at home at night as well. When you do get these lights you will want to make sure you know how they work and how they are going to connect to your dogs collar or harness.

6. Dog Food And Bottled Water

While this may seem like it would be one of the easiest things to ever remember you need to realize it is also one of those things that you can easily forget! Now, you probably will not forget the dog food, but the bottled water is very easy to forget, but it is important for you to bring along. The reason you would want to bring along bottled water is so you can measure you much water your dogs are drinking and also know the dogs are going to get the water they are used to drinking instead of having to adjust to new water that could make them sick and really ruin your camping trip.

Most Important When Camping With Pets Have Fun And Be Safe

While you may find it a challenge camping with pets it actually is not that hard if you are properly prepared. That is the difficult part is making sure you have plenty of things to go camping with when you bring your pets with you. All that you have to do is make sure you bring the gear with you or you could end up disappointed in the trip that you have. Hopefully, our short little list here will make it easier for you to remember the camping gear that you need to bring when you are camping with pets.



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