Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent Review

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Sleeping in a tent is a great way to see nature up close, but it is also a very difficult to pick the right tent when selecting for your entire family. This is when people should know more about the family tents that are available to stay in. Sometimes, people will find the family tents are a great option, but they need to make sure they read the reviews before making the purchase. I know that this here is the Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin Tent review, which is going to help you enjoy camping, with your large family. Without any further ado, I would like to introduce you to this tent to make it easier for you to enjoy your camping trip.

Features Of This Coleman Tent

  • Large amount of space that is available for you to use.
  • Seams on the tent are welded to help protect from the weather coming in.
  • For the hotter weather does come with a fan, that is lighted to help make the tent comfortable.
  • Has a rain cover which will help to keep out even more of the weather.

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How Is It Used

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9 Person Cabin tentObviously the tent is meant to keep you protected in the weather and night. However, what you need to realize is just like the other tents you may have used in the past, you do have to set it up for it to be used. This model of the Coleman line of tents comes with 3 collapsible rods that will go across the top of the tent. The tent is also going to include 6 rods that are meant for the sides of the tent, which will help keep it rigid and firm for you to use. The set up for the most part, from what I have read takes about forty five minutes to set up with a single person.

Size Of The Cabin Tent

With this tent, you will find it is going to provide you with the comfort you want to have. This comfort is something you never want to leave, but you need to realize you may have to leave the comfort behind if you are bringing your entire family with you only to discover your tent is so small you have to sleep almost on top of each other. With this tent, it actually measures 14 feet by 10 feet and this makes it easier for you to have room to spread out and enjoy the camping trip, rather than dread the fact you are piled up on top of each other.

Ease Of Setup

Setting up a tent used to be the one thing that people used to dread all the time. However, with this tent, Coleman realized people can get frustrated easily by trying to set up the tent and developed their own snag free system to set up the tents. This includes snag free continuous pole slides, which make it easier for people to get the poles slide into place. In fact, Coleman, brags that on their website this system makes it possible for people to set up this entire tent in 15 minutes or less.

Coleman Prairie Breeze 9-Person Cabin Tent
The Good
  • Huge interior space.
  • Electric cord opening in 2 corners.
  • Has a fan and light included.
  • Comes with a rain fly to make weather protection easy.
The Bad
  • Can take a long time to set up.
  • Fan and light can take a lot of battery power.
  • Size means it may need a larger than average tent space.

Number Of Windows Available

When you are in the middle of the woods, the key is getting to enjoy the beauty of nature around you. The problem you often have with a tent is the lack of windows, which makes the air stagnant in the tent, but also makes it hard to get a chance to enjoy the beauty that is present outside. With the Prairie Breeze model this issue has been addressed as you will notice it has a large number of windows available.

This tent has six different windows available, but each of these windows will allow you to ventilate the tent, which you want to do after a night of sleeping in a sleeping bag. However, you will also have a chance to keep the windows open to make sure you have a chance to take in the beauty that is present.

Light And Fan 

With most of the tents, you will be shocked to find they do not have any of the lights or fan that  you would expect them to have. However, this tent addresses both of these issues by getting the light and fan installed at the top of the tent. The light is LED based and battery operated. With the light, it will put out 75 lumens for 195 hours, by itself. However, if you plan on using just the fan and not use the light at all the fan battery life will depend on the fan speed. With the fans they are generally going to last 26 hours on high, but 34 hours on low.


You may be asking yourself, what kind of a battery is able to maintain this type of light and fan in operation. Well, the answer is very easy to obtain because it only takes 4 D batteries or one of the CPX 6 cartridges, which will power these. It is important to note you can use the fan and light at the same time. The run time depends on the fan speed and with it on high the battery will last 20 hours, but if the speed of the fan is shifted to low it will last 27 hours.

Rain Fly That Is Available

Nothing is worse than hauling a tent around only to find out that you are going to get soaking wet because of the tent. This is when you should realize you can use this tent because it is going to have a rain fly that you can use. When you see this rain fly, you will not mind using it because it is going to allow you to have the chance to adjust your tents roof to the weather. If the weather is nice, you can enjoy the night by staring at the stars all night, but if the weather turns bad you will want to put on the rain fly to stay dry.

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  • Size
  • Windows which are available
  • Carrying bag for the tent, with a separate bag for the poles and stakes
  • Tall center height of the tent, which will help prevent you from hitting your head.
  • Comes with a light and fan to help illuminate and cool the tent off.


  • Poles have been reported as breaking easily during the set up.
  • Is not meant for use in cold weather
  • In high winds the tent can billow quite a bit to the wind.

Price Options 

Okay, I know that I am really talking up Amazon about products here, but that is because the price is unbeatable. The tent on Amazon from the date I have published this article and completed my price research is the lowest possible price. In fact, from what I have seen Amazon is even 25 dollars under the price which is listed on the Coleman site.  All you have to do is make sure you check out Amazon for the pricing information to see if this still holds true or not.

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What Users Are Saying

As was already mentioned the tent is already very easy to set up and will help you in getting to enjoy the tent even faster than what you think. However, at the same point people are talking about how they have to be careful to avoid breaking any of the poles on the setup. With this tent, though, the overall sentiment is the tent is able to provide quite a bit of relaxation and will help you in getting to enjoy your trip.

Our Final Thoughts

Tent talk

Our final thoughts are what really matters. We are going to obviously say if you are going to go camping with your family you want to have your space. This way you can enjoy nature, but also avoid the fact that in a smaller tent you can end up tripping over each other. So you can see this tent definitely has the space that you will want to have, but if you bring along air beds is large enough to make it easier for you to put them in the tent. Our last thought is going to be the tent you will want to use if you are traveling with your family. Not only is the tent large enough for you to enjoy, but it is also going to make it easier for you to enjoy nature with your entire family together at once, and not have them set in separate tents.

Space (5/5)
Weather Ratings (4/5)
Windows (5/5)
Durability (5/5)
Ease of Use (4/5)
Overall Value (4.5/5)

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