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Acadia National Park


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Acadia National Park does have some great trails to go hiking on, but you need to keep a close eye on the weather. While you may be asking why I am worried about the weather, well, it is mainly because of where Acadia is located. Yes, I know during the summer months you are generally safe and nothing will really bug you, but if you are planning on hiking in the spring months or fall months then you could easily have weather related problems. In the middle of winter, you need to realize that it is very difficult to predict the weather and really predict what it is going to do. With that being said, it is time to talk about the trails in Acadia National Park.

Acadia National Park

With most of the trails that are in Acadia National Park you will find that they are going to have a variety of ratings available with some of them being listed as easy trails, but you even have some trails that are listed as very difficult to take on. I would have to say that with this type of variety it will make it quite a bit easier for you to find the trail that you want to go hike or even take a walk on as some of the trails are shorter and only take a couple of hours to complete. The downside is with a lot of the trails that are along the hard to moderate scale they are the ones that tend to have the best views. What I will do here since the park itself has over 300 trails is list 3 of my favorites in the park for each rating.

Acadia National Park Easy Trails

Schooner Head Path – 5.6 miles

This out and back path is one that is fairly long, but it is well worth the walk. The trail is meant for people of all skill levels and it will definitely make it easier for you to enjoy the hike that you are taking as a family. Heck, on this trail if you have your dog and have them on a leash you can even bring them with you. With this trail if you enjoy wildflowers you will fall in love as the trail, which is available year round, will definitely make it easier  for you to enjoy at any point in time.

Duck Brook Trail – 2.0 miles

Duck Brook is another trail that is an out and back style of trail. However, it is another trail that is open year round and definitely worth traveling as you can enjoy the trail at any point in time. What is really cool is the trail which is meant for all levels has a gorgeous waterfall that you are able to enjoy. Just looking at the rock face with the waterfall it will take away all of your stresses while you are hiking.

Buck Cove Mountain – 4.1 miles

Going for a hike in the woods is always nice and when the trail is meant for all skill levels it is even nicer. The Buck Cove Mountain trail is going to loop you all throughout the woods and provide you with a different perspective on Acadia National Park. The trail is open year round as well, which is nice for hikers in the winter, but it is a fairly well traveled trail. So you may encounter some crowds on the trail while you are hiking, but if you are able to get the trail to yourself then you will be blessed with some great wildflowers to look at any some amazing birds to watch.

Acadia National Park Moderate Trails

Penobscot Mountain Trail – 2.9 miles

The trail is one of the more popular ones that you can check out. The trail is rated as moderate as it does have some rocky issues that can become difficult for people to walk on. Once you are past the rocky parts you are to be rewarded handsomely with the wildflowers that you can check out, but also with the commanding views that are available from the top of the trail. Now, I will warn you some of the areas of the trail can be closed at times due to birds nesting.

Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail Loop -7.5 miles

As you can tell by the title this is a loop trail and it is rated as moderate. The trail is one of the heavier trafficked trails in Acadia National Park. When you are looking at the Cadillac Mountain South Ridge Trail Loop you need to realize that as we mentioned the trails are not really good for winter hiking and this is one of those trails. The trail does have a few great rock features that some rock climbers enjoy going up and down. However, the main feature to find on the trail is the waterfall that looks great and has some amazing views of the waterfall.

Day Mountain Carriage Trail – 8.7 miles

The Day Mountain Carriage Trail here is one that could take you quite some time to get through. The trail is rated more along the moderate rated trails and that can make it a little bit harder for people to walk on if they have some health issues. If you are able to hike on the trail, though, I will tell you that it is a great trail to check out the wildflowers on. One thing that I really like about the trail is the fact that it has some amazing views that you can enjoy.

Acadia National Park Hard Trails

The Beehive Loop Trail – 1.4 miles

If you are looking for a difficult trail that has some commanding views then you will find the Beehive Loop Trail. The trail is generally open only from May until October due to the weather that can really impact the trail. When you are on the Beehive Loop Trail you may notice that the trail takes you along some strong rock climbing areas, but also has cliff features that can really impact how you are able to hike. The trail does not allow dogs at all, for obvious reasons. Once you reach the top of the trail, though, you get commanding views of Acadia National Park and the Atlantic Ocean.

Schiff Path To Dorr Mountain – 3.2 miles

For a hard trail the path here is going to take you a long walk. However, the path is one that is going to make it easier for you to hike on. The incline on the trail can be considered steep by some people and that will make it difficult for some people who can be winded easily or do not do well with altitude changes. What is great about the location is the view that you get of all the beauty when you are going up the trail and the views from the top are rather nice as well.

Around The Mountain Loop Trail – 12.5 miles

The trail here is one that is rated as hard, but it is going to be a trail that you are going to enjoy if you catch the proper trail. It is easy to vary off the trail if you are not careful and that can make your hike even longer. What is great about the trail here is that it does allow you to see some amazing wild flowers. Once you reach the top of the trail, though, it does provide you some great views of the water in the distance and just the way the trail goes by all the nature it is stunning and one trail that makes it quite an enjoyable trail to go up.

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