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Grand Canyon


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The Grand Canyon is one of the more popular destinations in America and once you have arrived it is very easy to see why it is such a popular destination. With that being said, the national park does have quite a few trails for you to enjoy. Some of these trails, just like Acadia National Park in our first article on the trails in the national parks vary from easy, moderate, too hard. So it is going to be very easy for you to determine which trails would work best for you.

Grand Canyon

Unlike Acadia, the Grand Canyon does not have as many trails to pick from when you are hiking. However, the trails that it does have provides you with stunning views and while the weather can change quickly here it does not change as fast as what you would find in the middle of the winter at some parks. With that being the case, we are going to highlight 3 trails of each level that we like.

Easy Hiking Trails In Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon Rim Trail

The Grand Canyon Rim Trail is one that is very enjoyable, but it is one trail that has a lot of traffic on it. Now, the trail does feature some great views for you to check out. In addition to the great views you can see it has some rather nice wildflowers to check out. What is really cool about the trail is the fact that it makes it easier for you to find the family friendly trail as you can bring along the stroller and dogs. Granted, dogs have to be kept on a leash, but it is for their safety and yours. The trail is rated as easy, but it is an in and out trail that is 5.4 miles long.

Coconino Overlook Trail

This trail is one that made our list because it is shorter at 1.3 miles and provides you with a great view once you reach the end of the trail. Now, something that you may notice with the trail is the fact that it is moderately trafficked,  but it is also a trail that does have mules on it. When you have mules they tend to have droppings and that draws in flies. However, even with the mule droppings on the trail you will find that it is going to be very easy for you to fall in love with the trail because of the beautiful view you have at the end.

Roosevelt Point Trail

If you want a very short walk then you need to check out the Roosevelt Point Trail. The trail is under half mile and provides you with some great views. The downside is the trail is not really well maintained and that makes it difficult to get around on the trail. When you are on the trail, though, the less maintained aspect gives you some great wildflower viewing.

Moderate Hiking Trails In Grand Canyon National Park

Transept Trail

The Transept Trail is one that is rated as moderate and is a 2.9 mile trail that will provide you with a nice and relaxing walk. The downside is the trail does have some parts that make it ranked into the moderate point. Now, the trail does give you some good views, but it also a trail that has some great wildflowers. When you are looking for the trail here, you can enjoy the views, but also can have a great time camping in the region as well.

Widforss Trail

With the Widforss Trail you are going to enjoy the fact that it is a 9.1 mile trail that is mainly set in the forest. This allows you to enjoy the trail even more and avoid a lot of the heat that is coming in with some of the other aspects that can impact your trip here. On the upside the trail while it is claimed to be heavily trafficked is one trail that a lot of people report as not being overly crowded if you go on the right day, which really depends on the weather conditions.

Tanner Beach and Lava Rapids Trail

The Tanner Beach and Lava Rapids Trail is one that really can make a difference in how you are going to enjoy the region and what you see. The trail is one that is rated as moderate and it is one that does give you a variety of features to enjoy seeing. When you walk along the trail you get a chance to see some great views, but also enjoy a river that allows you to cool off.  If you do decide to go for a hike on this trail it is an in and out trail, but it is a trail that has an entire length of 19.8 miles.

Hard Hiking Trails In Grand Canyon National Park

Plateau Point Trail via Bright Angel Trail

If you want a trail that is hard then you found the right trail. The Plateau Point Trail for the most part is very easy to walk along and enjoy compared to what some consider to be a hard trail, it is a trail that will give you a challenge. The trail does have a couple of stops with water available, but the final 1.5 miles to the plateau where you get the stunning views is in full sun.

Hermit Trail

Hermit Trail is one that has a rather significant upward climb as you gain over 5,100 feet in 15.4 miles, but it is a trail that is going to give you some great memories. The trail takes you down to a river and back up. The trail has some great views to enjoy and is rated as difficult, which is understandable looking at the elevation change, but if you are able to go up the trail it is very rewarding. If you do take this trail it is recommended to start at sunrise as you get to capture some of the beautiful aspects of the sun peeking through at just the right time.

Clear Creek Trail

Clear Creek Trail gives you a chance to do some nature viewing while you are hiking in the area. The trail comes in at 8.8 mils and does not have a huge difference in the elevation and is rated as a moderate to hard trail. The road to get to the trail can be hazardous at times and ground clearance can be an issue at times. However, the trail is one that has water crossings, open areas, bird watching, and of course the amazing wild flowers that you may not catch at your home.

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