Beat The Summer Heat While Camping




Sun in the clouds


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Beat The Heat While Camping

Sun in the cloudsAs you can see the date of this post is August 13th. Now this normally is the time period when it starts to cool off for the summer months in most areas. However, in my home area of Ohio, the temperatures are starting to go up into the upper 80’s and even some days in the low 90’s. I have to admit that is rather warm and often sends me sprinting to the air conditioning. With my love of camping, though, I am starting to learn how to suffer, I mean cope with the summer heat. Since that is the case, I decided to share a couple of ways that you are going to be able to cope with the summer heat. In the future we are going to even review some of these methods that we are talking about here today.

Portable Solar Powered Fans

Camping often means that you will either be in the woods, which is nice because you have shade, but also have some sunlight. To fully take advantage of the sun and avoid the expense of batteries, which you can get, you will want to try to use some of the solar powered fans. With these fans you can easily set them up in the areas that you want to around the campground that has the sunlight.

When you are looking at the solar powered fans, you need to find out if they do have a battery backup that can be recharged during the day for night time use. However, you also need to see how much sunlight the fans are going to require for them to function, because the sunlight may be blocked by the trees that we mentioned you will want to have near your camping site. So you need to make sure the solar powered fan allows you to have low light conditions and still function properly.

Something else you need to consider is how much air the fan is going to move. When you are able to move quite a bit of air, you will be able to have a great time in getting the camping site cooled off. This way you can start to get the right feel for the camp site and know it is cooler than the stagnant air that you are feeling.

Water Misters 

Staying cool when it is hot in the summer often means you will need to be sweating. No one really likes to be sweating and get all sticky while they are camping. Since this is the case, you may want to look for some of the different types of water misters that are on the market. These misters will make it easier for you to spray yourself down with water. This way you can get the moisture on your skin, which will evaporate and make you cooler, but it will also help you avoid sweating all the time.

When you are shopping for the water misters, you will need to make sure you look at the different misters on the market, but also know how they are going to work. This often means you will need to look at if they are electrically powered, which is great or need to have you push a level to get them to mist. Either way all of these are going to help you in enjoying the camping even more than what you thought you would be getting to enjoy.

Something else you need to think about when you are shopping for these water misters is going to be how much water they can hold. While you will be using these on a regular basis to help you stay cool, you will need to make sure they have a large enough capacity to hold water to keep your cool. If these have a small holding tank their is a chance you can run out of water when you need to have them used the most.


Hammock in the woodsYes, you read that right a hammock is a great way to keep cool in the middle of the dog days of summer at a campground. With a hammock you are going to get a chance to sit in between two trees, actually lay between them, and enjoy swinging back and forth. However, you will also find this is going to be a great way for you to get the help that you need to have in relaxing while you are camping. As you can tell the selection of a hammock is going to be very easy to do so I am not going to put out what you need to look for in a hammock.

Now, I am sure that you have used some of these methods before. However, I will tell you that some people will never think about these methods to help them in getting cooled off in the middle of summer and will simply suffer in the heat. This is when you should know about a few of the methods that I have used to help me in cooling off. When I explored these methods, I know that it made my camping trip a lot more enjoyable. Hopefully this does the exact same thing for you and then you can keep on camping and know your trip is going to be full of great times, instead of a sense of dread because of the heat.

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