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Camelbak Scout Violet

Okay, we are going to continue talking about the hydration or water backpacks here. However, this is a pack that we are talking about today that is actually imported from Japan as the model has been discontinued as of right now in the United States. So the quantity of available amount of the Camelback Scout Violet will be limited and you may have to look overseas to find the one that you want to have. So, this review will not be as in-depth as our usual reviews and that is because this is a product that is imported and to be honest with all the different options on the market you may want to select a different backpack that is a little bit lower in price and does not have to be imported.

Features Of The Camelbak Scout

  • This has been reported to be a frameless bag, but that is mainly because it will have the water bladder on the inside of it. This will allow you to carry the 1.5 liters of water that you want to have. It is important to note that it is reported that only the 1.5 liter model has been said to be discontinued.
  • With most of the Scout models, since they were meant for kids it is going to have a safety whistle attached to the chest strap. This will allow the kids to blow the whistle if they start to get into any trouble, but also know where the whistle is located and know it will be very easy for the kids to find and use.
  • Now, this is a product that you are going to want to consider as well because it has the drinking staw in the strap. However, at the same time you will find the mesh pockets on the side will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the food or snacks brought along with you when you are going to go out hiking for the day.

What I Like About The Water Backpack

Fits Easily On A Kids Back

This is a great feature that is going to work out nicely and that is the fact this will fit easily onto your kids back. I mean, this is for the kids so it makes sense that it would fit perfectly on their back. However, so many of these packs are nearly impossible to get them fitted to your kids that it is not funny.

Easy To Fill Up

When you are looing at a lot of the hydration backpacks you will find it is very difficult for you to get the backpack filled back up. However, this is a pack that actually is very easy to fill up and does not really cause a lot of spilling that you would see with some of the other backpacks that you are going to be dealing with at times.

What I Disliked About This Piece Of Camping Gear

Difficult To Find The Product

Finding the product can be a challenge. That is one thing that I really do not like here because it will make it harder for you to live up to the promise you would make to your kids that they would be getting this water backpack. So I definitely find this as a drawback because it is not something that you want to tell your kids they can have only to find out after the fact that you cannot get it.

My Final Thoughts On The Camelbak Scout Violet

This is a backpack that will carry quite a bit of water that will make it easier for you to hike around the trails and know you will have a great trip for your kids without them getting thirsty. This is why I have to say if you can find the Camelbak Scout Violet it is definitely a great product, but it can be hard to find it and then it is imported which really makes this expensive. So I would have to say until they are back in America and not imported this is one piece of camping gear you may want to get a pass to.

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