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Features and Specifications

Two 20,000 BTU Burners

Let me tell you, folks, this Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is not your run-of-the-mill, lukewarm camping stove. These babies pack a punch with two whopping 20,000 BTU burners, for a total output of 40,000 BTU. That’s some serious firepower (literally) right there! You’ll be that camp cook superhero, known far and wide for your lighting-speed meal prep.

Total Output: 40,000 BTU

As I mentioned, with a combined BTU of 40,000, Camp Chef Everest is more than capable of handling anything you throw at it – whether you’re whipping up a gourmet meal for your buddies or just boiling water for coffee (because let’s be honest, caffeine is the real MVP on camping trips). Plus, it heats up household pots and pans without breaking a sweat.

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Cleaning up after a delicious meal is usually everyone’s least favorite part. But fear not, dear camping enthusiasts, for the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove comes equipped with a stainless steel drip tray. That’s right, you can say adios to those pesky drip-induced cleaning nightmares and hello to a drama-free cleanup.

Matchless Ignition

Remember the good ol’ days, when you had to fumble around with matches and lighters to get your camping stove going? Well, Camp Chef Everest is here to save the day with its matchless ignition. Yes, you read that right – no more rummaging through bags and pockets for a lighter, only to find it’s out of fuel. Just turn the knob, and voila, you have fire!

Convenient Carry Handle

You know, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. And the carry handle on the Camp Chef Everest is no exception. Sure, it might seem like a small detail, but when you’re loading up the car for a weekend adventure, that handy-dandy handle is worth its weight in gold. Plus, it even has a cutout/indentation on the bottom edge, so you can easily carry it with one hand.

Dimensions and Weight

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: with all that firepower, this stove must be massive, right? Wrong! Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove measures a compact 13.5″ L x 23.5″ W x 4″ H and weighs in at a lean and mean 12 lbs. So, not only is it powerful, it’s also portable and easy to fit on most tabletops. What more could you ask for?

So, my fellow campers, if you’re in the market for a high-powered, reliable, and portable camping stove, look no further than the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove. Just trust me on this one – your taste buds (and fellow adventurers) will thank you.

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Stove Build and Design

Compact and Portable

Let me tell you, friends, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is a dream come true for those of us who love overlanding, camping, tailgating, and cooking in the great outdoors. This stove is lightweight at just 12 lbs and conveniently sized at 13.5″ L x 23.5″ W x 4″ H. It even sports a built-in carry handle making it super easy to transport with one hand. Although it’s not as compact as a Jetboil Genesis, it still lays flat and doesn’t compromise on performance and functionality.

Sturdy Construction

After using the Camp Chef Everest 2 for many an adventure, I can confidently say that this stove is built to last. The materials used are top-notch and the construction is reliable, making it perfect for withstanding bumps and bruises on the road. The stainless steel drip tray makes cleaning up a breeze, and the overall build quality has held up remarkably well over time.

Wind-resistant Cup Burners

Here’s a little secret you may not know – the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is designed with surrounding cup burners to protect against wind, helping direct heat upward and onto your cooking pot. This stove is so hardy, it even performed well in wind and rain, ensuring that I was never left standing in the cold with uncooked food on my plate.

Burner Control Knobs

One of the key features of the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove are its responsive control knobs. They allow for fine-tuned temperature control, able to dial down to a flickering candlelight for simmering or ramp up to a roaring jet engine for rapid boiling. A key tip to remember is to start low and adjust as needed – trust me, you can easily scale it back if your water boils too quickly! And while the knobs may be small, they provide precise control, making it easy to adjust your flame to perfection.

Ideal for Cooking with Large Pots and Pans

For those of us who love to cook up a storm for friends and family, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is perfect for accommodating large pots and pans. Two 10.5″ pots or pans fit comfortably side by side without a hitch, making it suitable for cooking for up to 4-6 people. Just be mindful of uneven surfaces, as you may need to make some adjustments or get creative with leveling the stove.

Overall, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is a fantastic investment for outdoor cooking. Its thoughtful design, build quality, and functionality make it the ideal choice for campers, overlanders, and tailgaters alike. So, go ahead and spoil yourself a little – this stove will not disappoint!

Performance and Efficiency

Excellent Flame Control

My Everest 2 Burner Stove has outstanding flame control, making it perfect for cooking all sorts of dishes. Whether I’m percolating coffee in the morning, grilling a delicious steak, or whipping up some pasta for dinner, the Everest always delivers. Take it from me, experimenting with different heat settings and cooking styles has been a breeze with this phenomenal stove.

Rapid Boiling Time

If there’s one aspect of this stove that never ceases to amaze me, it’s the lightning-fast boiling time. Compared to my old run-of-the-mill camping stoves, the Everest operates like a high-performance sports car. No more waiting around for your water to boil – the two 20,000 BTU burners will have you enjoying a hot cup of tea or cocoa in no time!

Ideal for Simmering and Cooking Delicate Foods

Over my time with the Everest, I’ve come to appreciate its fantastic ability to cook delicate foods. Whether it’s simmering a flavorful sauce or cooking a perfectly fried egg, I’m continually impressed by this stove’s versatility. The responsive burner controls ensure an even cooking surface, so even gourmet meals are never out of reach during my camping trips.

Responsive Burner Controls

While I’ve tried other stoves in the past, none have had the responsive controls that Everest offers. It was quite a pleasant surprise to discover how easily I could adjust the flame to suit my cooking needs. The controls are buttery smooth, and finding the perfect temperature for any dish is a piece of cake─ or should I say, campfire s’mores.

Efficient Cooking for 4-6 People

Ever since I got my hands on the Camp Chef Everest, cookouts with friends have become a staple of my outdoor adventures. When I first unpacked the stove, I was somewhat skeptical about the size of the cooking area. However, my concerns quickly vanished once I realized how efficiently the Everest handles cooking for a group of 4-6 people.

With the ability to fit two large pans on the burners, I’ve had no problem impressing my friends with my culinary skills. So, if you’re looking for a stove to level up your campsite cooking game, look no further ─ the Camp Chef Everest 2 is the ultimate way to go!

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Ease of Use

Simple Setup

In the world of camping stoves, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is like the superhero who swoops in just in time to save the day (or dinner). Setting up this bad boy is a piece of cake. Just pop open the stainless steel lid, click the wind-blocking screens into position, and you’re ready to start cooking up some culinary magic—no cape required.

Piezo Electric Igniter

Everyone knows the pain of fiddling with matches or a lighter while trying to light a stubborn camping stove. Well, with the Everest 2 Burner Stove, those days are as dead as disco. This baby comes equipped with a built-in Piezo electric igniter, which means you can say goodbye to singed fingertips and hello to hassle-free ignitions. Did somebody say instant flame? Yes, please!

Propane Bottle Compatibility

The convenience doesn’t stop there, folks. When it comes to fueling up, the Everest 2 Burner Stove is compatible with those trusty green propane bottles that you can find at just about any camping store or big box chain. Simply hook up the stove to your propane bottle and watch as your meals go from raw to ravishing in record time.

Optional Adapter Hose for 20lb Cylinders

Size matters, especially when it comes to propane. If you’re the type of camper who likes to go big or go home, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Everest 2 Burner Stove can be hooked up to a larger 20lb propane cylinder with the help of an adapter hose (sold separately, of course). This way, you’ll have enough fuel to grill, sear, and sauté to your heart’s content. Talk about a crowd-pleaser!

Overall, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove has truly earned its stripes as a must-have camping gadget. So grab your pots and pans, culinary comrades, and get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey like never before!

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Comparison with Other Models

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove vs Rainier Model

Having used both the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove and the Rainier model, I would say each stove has its own set of pros and cons. The Rainier, for instance, comes with a nice griddle with awkward legs and a non-stick coating that easily peels off. On the other hand, the Everest features powerful burners that easily outshine those of the Rainier model. However, the construction of the Everest might not be as sturdy as one would expect for the price range.

Overall, it boils down to what aspects matter the most to you: if you value a compact grill and griddle combo with decent burners, the Rainier model might suit your needs. Conversely, if you need powerful burners and ample cooking space, the Everest will get the job done.

Flame Control in Different Stove Models

In terms of flame control, the Everest 2 Burner Stove is quite impressive. While some users have reported difficulties in achieving a low simmer setting, I must say that once you get the hang of it, you can achieve a perfect low flame. It’s worth noting that different stove models might vary in their flame control capabilities, but the Everest delivers consistent performance, enabling you to cook an array of dishes with ease.

Burner Spacing and Pot Size Compatibility

One of the key benefits of the Everest 2 Burner Stove is its compatibility with a wide range of pot sizes. Thanks to the spacious cooking area and well-spaced burners, you can easily use both large cast iron skillets and hefty two-gallon pots without any trouble. This makes the Everest model an ideal choice for those who love to whip up a variety of dishes while camping or tailgating. On the other hand, some stove models with less burner spacing might not accommodate larger pots or pans, limiting your cooking capabilities on the go.

In a nutshell, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove indeed stands out among other models due to its powerful burners, excellent flame control, and compatibility with various pot sizes. Though it might not be without its shortcomings, such as construction quality and some minor quality control issues, it still offers amazing value for money. If you’re in the market for a reliable and efficient camping stove, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Everest 2 Burner Stove a try. Happy cooking!

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove Review

Well, folks, it’s finally here: my long-awaited review of the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove. Buckle up, because we’re about to go on a wild ride into the world of outdoor cooking like you’ve never seen before.

Let’s start by talking about the star of the show: this stove is a high-powered beast with two 20,000 BTU burners. No more waiting around for water to boil or juggling pots and pans on a tiny stovetop—this baby can handle it all. Trust me; I’ve put it to the test on more camping trips than I can count.

Now, you might be thinking, “But can it handle my fancy-pants, super-precise cooking needs?” The answer is a resounding “heck yes!” The Everest’s heat range is nothing short of impressive, allowing me to simmer delicate sauces, sear juicy steaks, and yes, even perfect my percolator coffee game (because let’s be honest—how can you camp without a good cup o’ Joe?).

But what about wind, you ask? Well, I’m thrilled to say that the sturdy design of the Everest has proven to be virtually impervious to all but the most gale-force gusts. So go ahead, set up your stove at the edge of a cliff, and laugh in the face of Mother Nature. (Just don’t blame me if your tent blows away.)

Of course, no product is without its flaws, and the Everest is no exception. Some folks have reported issues with the grate and knobs, but in my experience, Camp Chef’s customer service has been top-notch in resolving these problems.

And let’s not forget about the extras! Camp Chef has thoughtfully designed accessories to help you get the most out of your stove experience. So let’s dive into some of those must-have items you should consider adding to your outdoor kitchen arsenal.

Camp Chef Everest Carry Bag

Protect your prized possession with a custom-designed carry bag. Trust me; this thing is a lifesaver when it comes to transporting your stove safely (and stylishly) from campsite to campsite. Plus, it’s padded, so you can snag some extra protection for that delicate baby of yours.

Adapter Hose for Larger Propane Tanks

Ditch those pesky little green propane bottles and upgrade to a full-sized tank with this handy adapter hose. You’ll be the envy of every camper as you effortlessly connect to a more substantial fuel source and cook to your heart’s content without constantly worrying about running out.

Weather-resistant Covers

You know the old saying: “You can’t always predict the weather, especially when you’re camping.” Well, with a weather-resistant cover for your Everest stove, you won’t have to worry about surprise rainstorms or sudden dust devils wreaking havoc on your cooking setup.

So there you have it, folks: the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is a force to be reckoned with in the world of outdoor cooking. With its impressive power, unparalleled heat control, and unbeatable performance in the face of wind, it’s a must-have addition to any serious camper’s gear list. Now get out there and cook up a storm! Oh, and don’t forget the s’mores.

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Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove Review

Worth the Investment

I know, I know, everyone’s always looking for a deal or trying to save a few bucks. But let me tell you, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is worth every penny. I’ve spent my fair share of time fiddling with cheap camping stoves, only to have them let me down in the middle of a camping trip. With the Everest 2, my cooking game has been elevated, and I’ve never been happier.

Deals and Discounts

Although the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is definitely worth the investment, who doesn’t love scoring a good deal? I snagged mine on sale for $80, which is an absolute steal. So, keep your eyes peeled for sales and discounts, and you might just be able to grab this baby at a lower price.

Price Comparison with Competing Models

When you compare the Everest 2 with other stoves on the market, it’s clear that it offers the best bang for your buck. Sure, you could go for a Jetboil Genesis or Eureka Spire, but those can’t hold a candle to the Everest’s flame control and sheer power (40,000 BTUs, baby!). And, if you’re considering a cheaper Coleman camping stove, I can tell you from experience that they just don’t hold up in the long run.

So, in the grand scheme of things, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is like the Goldilocks of camping stoves – not too pricey, not too cheap, but just right.

Stove Performance and Features

Kicking It Up a Notch

With the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove, I finally have the power I need to whip up gourmet meals in the great outdoors. The stove’s 40,000 BTU output makes boiling water and cooking a breeze, and the wind-resistant design ensures my flame stays strong.

Flame Control

The Everest 2 is hands-down the best portable stove for fine-tuning your flame, making it perfect for simmering and cooking delicate foods. With a little practice, you’ll be able to dial in the perfect setting to execute any recipe with confidence.

Design and Build Quality

Featuring a stainless steel drip tray for easy cleaning and a sturdy grate that can accommodate large pots and pans, the Everest 2 is built to last. Plus, the matchless ignition system is super convenient, allowing you to light it up with a push of a button – no lighter needed!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Stove

Want to get the most out of your new Everest 2 Burner Stove? Make sure to follow these tips:

  1. Experiment with the flame control to get familiar with the stove’s settings.
  2. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts to snag the best price.
  3. Purchase an adapter hose to connect the stove to a larger propane tank for longer camping trips.

Addressing Drawbacks

Now, I’ll be honest, the Everest 2 Burner Stove isn’t perfect – the construction could be sturdier, and the Piezo electric igniter can take a few tries to get it going. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that these minor flaws quickly fade into the background and are far outweighed by the stove’s incredible performance.

Who Should Get the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove?

If you’re serious about cooking great meals while camping and need a portable stove that offers precise flame control and powerful performance without breaking the bank, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is the obvious choice. Trust me, your taste buds and your camping buddies will thank you!

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Customer Reviews and Experiences

Positive Experiences

First things first, let’s talk about the power of this baby. With 20k BTU on each burner, I’ve cooked alligator snappers and the pancakes that go with them, and let me tell you, this stove cranks better than my stove at home. Users rave about its ability to handle high winds and even rain without missing a pancake flip or a steak sear. The size of the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is also a hit, fitting even 10 1/2” cast iron pans comfortably, yet maintaining an easy-to-store and transport design.

Minor Adjustments and Improvements

Now, no stove is perfect, and neither is Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove. Some users have mentioned they’d like adjustable or screw-out feet, as well as a bag or protective case for transportation. But hey, we can’t have it all, can we? On the flip side, users have managed to remedy these tiny shortcomings with a bit of ingenuity and handiness. I mean, if a few rocks can level a stove, who needs adjustable feet?

Customer Service and Support

With quality products comes quality customer service, and Camp Chef doesn’t disappoint. Customers have been praising the support they’ve received, whether it’s replacing a slightly tarnished grill or sending new knobs. Just goes to show that with Camp Chef, you won’t be left out in the cold if something goes amiss with your stove.

Recommendations from Users

So, what’s the verdict from seasoned camp chefs? They’re absolutely delighted with this stove and would highly recommend it for anyone in need of a powerful, portable cooking solution for camping, tailgating, or even those dreaded last-minute cookouts. With features like matchless ignition, easy cleanup, and incredible burner control, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is one of the best in its class. Just remember to watch out for those pesky Amazon price fluctuations and snag it when the deal is hot!

So go ahead, give your outdoor cooking adventures the upgrade they deserve with the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove – you won’t regret it!

Maintenance and Care

Now that we’ve raved about the fantastic cooking experience the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove brings to the table, it’s time to dive into the nitty-gritty of how to properly care for and maintain this delightful piece of campsite mastery.

Cleaning the Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Fear not, my fellow campsite chefs; the Everest 2 comes equipped with a stainless steel drip tray, making your post-grill clean up a breeze. Simply wipe away the evidence of your culinary escapades with a little elbow grease and some soapy water. Just be sure to give it a thorough dry before packing it away to avoid any pesky rust or discoloration.

Checking and Adjusting Igniter

Much like a good ol’ car, the Everest 2 has a trusty matchless ignition system that could use some regular lovin’. It’s always a good idea to check that your igniter is in proper working order during your cleanup routine. If you notice any hiccups when sparking that bad boy up, don’t fret—just give the igniter a slight adjustment and you’ll be back in business in no time.

Proper Storage

Once you’ve wrapped up your campsite culinary adventures, ensuring your Everest 2 Burner Stove is properly stored away is key to prolonging its lifespan. While it doesn’t come with its own carrying case (c’mon, it can’t have everything), we recommend investing in a padded storage bag to keep it safe from bumps, dings, and scratches. Don’t forget to double-check that the propane bottles are disconnected and secure to avoid any accidental leaks!

Replacing Propane Bottles

Ah, the grand finale. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes our dear friend propane. Keep an eye on your propane levels and be prepared to replace those bottles when needed. Thankfully, swapping them out is a walk in the park: simply unscrew the empty bottle, attach the fresh one, and voilà! You’re back in action.

In the immortal words of Hannah Montana, nobody’s perfect. The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove may have a few minor foibles, but it’s still a campsite powerhouse that’ll provide you with many a delicious meal under the stars. With these maintenance tips under your belt, you’ll be ready to tackle any outdoor cooking adventure that comes your way. Happy grilling!

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Safety and Precautions

Before diving into all the mouth-watering features of the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove, let’s talk about safety, because safety first, right? This baby has gobs of power, and with great power comes great responsibility. So, let’s make sure we know how to handle it properly and keep all our fingers intact.

Ventilation and Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Just like your overbearing mother-in-law, this stove needs space to breathe. Carbon monoxide is no joke, so make sure you’re using this powerhouse in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. Avoid cooking in enclosed spaces like tents or vehicles, lest you partake in an unexpected nap that you might not wake up from!

Proper Fuel Storage

Because the Camp Chef Everest stove uses propane as its life source, ensuring proper fuel storage is crucial. Propane tanks should be kept upright and outdoors, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Storing propane tanks in basements, garages, or enclosed spaces might lead to a fiery surprise that nobody wants at their camping cookout.

Surface Heat and Proper Cooking Gear

This beast of a stove boasts two 20,000 BTU burners, which means it can get hotter than the devil’s armpit. To avoid a meltdown, use good quality pots and pans with heat-resistant handles. After all, campsite cooking is no fun if you’re nursing singed fingertips and cursing your shoddy gear.

Use in Windy Conditions

Ever tried cooking a gourmet meal in gale-force winds? It ain’t pretty. Thankfully, the Everest stove comes with built-in wind guards to keep your flame protected from Auntie Nature’s gusty wrath. However, if the wind is stronger than a bull in a china shop, it’s advisable to find a sheltered spot to set up your stove or, at the very least, create a windbreak using your gear.

Well, butter my biscuits!

The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is a real gem when it comes to cooking outdoors. With its powerful burners, compact size, and incredible flame control, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Just remember to follow the safety precautions and treat this stove with the respect it deserves, and you’ll be flippin’ burgers like a champ in no time. Happy cooking, folks!

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use larger pots and pans on this stove?

Absolutely! The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is designed to accommodate larger pots and pans with ease. The generous spacing between the burners ensures that you can comfortably fit two 10.5″ pots or pans side by side without them bumping into each other or the side wind flaps. So go ahead, whip up that massive campsite feast for your friends and family!

What is the difference between this stove and the Camp Chef Rainier model?

While both stoves come from the same reputable Camp Chef brand, there are a few key differences between the two models. The Everest 2 Burner Stove boasts of two powerful 20,000 BTU burners, while the Rainier model has a slightly lower output with a 10,000 BTU burner and a 8,000 BTU grill/griddle. The Everest also has a larger cooking area, allowing for the use of bigger pots and pans. In terms of performance, the Everest offers better flame control, making it perfect for simmering and cooking delicate foods.

How does the stove perform in windy conditions?

Fret not, fellow campers! The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove has got your back in those pesky windy conditions. The stove features side wind flaps that provide protection against gusts. Moreover, the burners are designed to nestle within a surrounding cup, making them more wind-resistant and directing heat upwards to concentrate on your pot. So go ahead and cook up a storm without worrying about the storm brewing around you.

Can I use other types of fuel besides propane?

The Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove is specifically designed for use with propane fuel. It’s not recommended to use any other types of fuel with this stove, as it may lead to unsafe conditions or damage the stove itself. You can easily hook it up to a small green propane bottle or, with the help of an adapter hose (sold separately), connect it to a larger 20 lb propane tank.

How do I attach the adapter hose for a larger propane tank?

Using an adapter hose is a great way to extend the life of your stove, particularly on longer camping trips. To attach the adapter hose, first ensure that both the stove and propane tank valves are closed. Then, simply screw the adapter hose onto the stove’s propane inlet and your propane tank’s outlet. Make sure to secure the connections properly to avoid any gas leaks. Once connected, you’re good to go!

What are the dimensions of the stove when it’s folded up for storage?

When folded up for storage, the Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove measures a compact 13.5″ L x 23.5″ W x 4″ H and weighs 12 lbs, making it easy to transport and stow away in your vehicle or camping gear. Bon appétit, dear camper – may your culinary skills soar as high as Mount Everest with this trusty stove by your side!

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