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Discover The Coleman 9 Cup Coffee Percolator 

Coleman is a name that almost everyone knows if they are looking for any type of camping gear. However, what you need to realize is they are fairly limited in the selection of coffee percolators they are able to make. This is when you should know we have found a coffee percolator from Coleman that is going to be reviewed here and this will make it easier for you to get the right information to know if this percolator is going to work for your needs or not. Since that is the case, we have decided it was time for us to review the Coleman 9 Cup Coffee Percolator that we have found and provide you with the information you need to have to know if this percolator is going to work for you or not.

Features Of The Coleman 9 Cup Coffee Percolator

  • As the title states this is a coffee percolator that is going to come in with a 9-cup capacity. Since this is a larger capacity compared to some of the other products you will notice it is going to be quite a bit easier for you to make enough coffee to make for the day, but also know you will have enough coffee to enjoy for the morning at least. So this will definitely be something you are going to want to know about because it does have quite a bit of capacity for you to enjoy.
  • When you are looking at this it is going to have a beautiful double enamel coating on it. This double coating will make it easier for you to have a great product that is going to last you for a longer period of time and not have to be concerned about it chipping our breaking on you. What else is great about the product is the double coating does have a tendency to resist the chipping that is common with a lot of the other products you are going to chip or get damaged.
  • Looking at the picture of this you will notice that it is going to have a rim around the top that is made out of stainless steel. This will help to prevent the enamel from chipping but also gives you a great look to the product as well to help you know it is going to be looking great for years to come.
  • The base of this percolator is going to be rather wide. This wider base may make it a challenge to get the proper camp stove to heat up the water and start the percolator process, but it will definitely help out in providing a solid base that is going to keep the percolator upright and not have to worry about it tipping over when you are using the product.
  • With the product, you may think it will be very difficult to clean up, but this is not the case. In fact, this is a product that is actually very easy for you to clean up as you can typically wipe it up within a matter of minutes and have it ready to go. The important thing is to make sure you rinse out the basket to make sure you get rid of all the grounds or you could end up having a bad cup of coffee from the day before.

What I Like About This Coffee Percolator

Well, I like the fact this is a coffee percolator from a reputable company that stands by the warranties they offer. While this may sound like a kind of lame reason to like a piece of equipment, I have found it is very important to know about the company you are getting the gear from and at the same time make sure the gear is going to have a warranty the company will back up. This is definitely going to be something that I like because it means if something does happen that it will be fixed by the company as long as the warranty is still in place.

The capacity of the percolator is something else that I really like with this one. It is going to come in at a 9 cup capacity, which is decent compared to some of the 4 and 6 cup that we have looked at. However, what else we have seen is the fact this is a product that this is going to make just the proper amount of coffee for my family. So I will not end up wasting any of the coffee that is being made but also do not have to be worried about the coffee being out when someone goes to get a cup because we tend to use the bigger cups that will take half of a coffee pot to hold.

Finally, I like how easy the cleanup process is for this percolator compared to some of the other ones that I have reviewed in the past. So this will definitely be something that is nice and easy to do. You just have to make sure you know about this or you could end up having some major issues because some of them to keep them clean are nearly impossible to do properly and in a timely manner.

What I Did Not Care For With This Product

Well, I have to admit that I did not care for the fact this product does not appear to have a clear top to it. This is going to make it difficult for me to check on the coffee to see if it is done and ready to be used or if it is going to need more time in the percolator or not. So this is definitely a negative that I have found with the product.

My Final Thoughts On The Coleman 9 Cup Coffee Percolator

I enjoy Coleman products and know they have a fairly good reputation compared to most of the companies gear we have talked about. At the same time, I like to hold a neutral opinion and when I am using a coffee percolator I like to see what my coffee is doing. With that being said, I do like the quality of the product. My final thoughts, if you need a coffee percolator that is reliable this is a decent one, but if you like seeing what your coffee is doing you may want to give the Coleman 9 Cup Coffee Percolator a pass.

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