Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent 9 Person Review




Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent 9 Person Review


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With its spacious design led lighting And reversible fan The coleman prairie breeze nine person Lighted cabin tent makes the campsite Feel like home This cabin tent is guaranteed to keep You dry thanks to a weather tech system That uses patented welded floors Inverted seams and a covered zipper to Seal out the water The integrated fan system provides cool Comfort on hot days while the built-in Led lighting provides bright overhead Illumination that’s perfect for reading A book or studying a trail map Designed to withstand rugged outdoor Conditions this tent is constructed from Durable polygard fabric that endures Seasons of use Setup is simple thanks to the snag-free Continuous pole sleeves and insta-clip Suspension that secures the tent poles With a snap A range of other convenient amenities Including storage pockets Six oversized windows and an e-port for Routing electrical power round out this Fully featured camping tent Check the link in the description below To get the most updated price in real Time you never know when these things Might go on sale What makes this product a smarter choice Number one

Quick setup snag freak continuous pole Sleeves mean you only have to feed the Poles once Shrinking setup time considerably number Two E-port conveniently run an extension Cord through the e-port to bring Electrical power into your tent Number three tents with a view oversized Windows enhance ventilation and let you Watch nature unfold before your eyes Away from the bugs Number four illuminated wall switch and Illuminated wall switch lets you select Between height low And night light modes on the integrated Cpx-6 compatible led lighting which Operates on four d cell batteries or one Cpx-6 cartridge And so much more thanks for watching I leave my affiliate links down in the Video description below Click on those links and they’ll give You most updated prices in real time you Never know when these things might go on [Music] Sale You

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