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Fireside Pop Up Firepit Review


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Camping often means having a camp fire to sit by in the evening. However, not all of the campgrounds have a fire pit or a designated spot at each site for a camp fire. Well, that can be a challenge and some of the campgrounds even require you to bring or rent a fire pit. Well, to avoid that and provide a lot of flexibility in your fire pits we are now checking out the Fireside Industries Pop up Fire Pit Package, which I have to say is a very promising product at first glance.

Features Of The Fireside Industries Pop Up Fire Pit

  • Simple design makes it easy to use.
  • Has a Fire Mesh technology that allows for better fires.
  • Comes with a heat shield to help protect the ground.
  • Can hold up to 125 pounds of wood.
  • Cross bracing helps to prevent tipping even in windy conditions.
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Made From Durable Materials

With any fire pit that I have owned I have always worried about them not withstanding the heat from the fire or rusting out. However, the fire pit here is one that actually is fairly durable. Some of that comes from the materials that are used in the basic construction, but also how easy the fire pit is to put away when you are done using it.

The actual materials that are used in the construction of the portable fire pit here is a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. This makes it easier for you to have a product that is durable and be able to withstand some abuse. Now, the other good news is these are also materials that are able to withstand the heat that is produced by a fire.

Weight And Size Makes Portability Easy

As you can imagine this is a fire pit that can be broken down and even has a carrying bag. However, I can tell you that over time the bolts that hold the unit together will start to warp and such with repeated use and at times may have a harder time getting the bolts out. Well, even if you are unable to keep taking the portable fire pit apart you will enjoy the fact that it does have a compact size and light weight compared to some of the round circle fire pits I have used in the past.

The dimensions when the fire pit is completely assembled is coming in at 24 inches x 24 inches. So it is rectangular in shape which does make it easier to carry and is not going to have that awkward far out section that you have to try to balance while carrying.

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What else is great about the fire pit, unless you are moving it with wood inside of it, is the weight. I will say that a lot of that stems from the fact that the aluminum tends to be a lot lighter than some of the solid steel pits I have used before. However, the Fireside Industries have taken weight into consideration as well and the fire pit comes in at around 8 pounds and that is once it is completely together!

How Good Are The Fires

I have to say I have used some fire pits in the past that would barely get a fire, let alone a good fire. Well, I have to say that the fire pit here, because of the unique design and the patented fire mesh that is installed the fire tends to be quite a bit better than most.

The reason you are getting the better fire is the fact that the fire is getting more air flow. As most people know if you have a good and stable air flow, combined with a fuel source you end up getting a fire that burns for a long period of time and tends to be hotter than normal.

One thing that you need to consider, though, is the type of wood or charcoal being used. This is going to impact the quality of the fire as well. What else you should think about is if the wood is wet or damp at all. Remember wet wood tends to be harder to burn and is always smokier. That is another plus with this fire pit it tends to produce less smoke for your fires because of the design of the mesh.

What Type Of Materials Are Burned In The Fire Pit

The key question that you should ask of any fire pit is what can I burn inside of it! I mean seriously not everywhere you go will have wood available. If you are relying on a camp store at the campground to have firewood, nothing is stopping them from running out of firewood even. Then you are left scrambling to find a wood source for your fire or fire pits.

The fire pits main source of fuel will be wood. The wood can be pretty much anything that you can find. However, for me I tend to avoid any type of pine if I have something that has a mesh bottom to avoid getting the sap all over the mesh. Remember the mesh can collect the sap and it turns into a tar and will start to burn later on when you are trying to light something else on fire.

The other common fuel that works great in this fire pit and can really help out for cooking is charcoal. Now, with charcoal you may find that it will burn hotter because of how much air flow it gets. However, this just means you get to cook your food or have a hot ember bed to warm things over faster than what you thought.

What Hangs Under The Fire Pit

Fireside Industries has come up with a very interesting product that goes under the fire pit. As you can tell from the picture here the fire pit has a gray item that is attached to the legs. Well, that is actually a heat shield. Think the space shuttle style heat shields, but on a much smaller and more affordable scale.

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The heat shield is going to make it easier for you to use the fire pit on any surface. The reason it makes that easier is you can get set the fire pit up with the heat shield. Then when you have the fire lit up you do not have to worry about the radiant heat going down and damaging the grass or surface under it.

Fireside Industries Pop Up Fire Pit

What Regulations Does The Fire Pit Meet

Camping and bringing your own fire pit may mean your fire pit has to meet certain regulations to be used. Well, a lot of people tend to overlook that or are completely unaware of that fact. To avoid any issue you should try to find a fire pit that is certified for the regulations for where you are planning on camping.

The Fireside Industries Pop Up Fire Pit does meet several main regulations that may cover all of your needs. The main ones that the fire pit is covered by is the United States Forestry Service and the BLM. Both of these are in control of large swatches of public land and depending on the area you are traveling to may require you to have a certified fire pit.

Now, when you are going to a private campground or even a state run campground they may have different requirements. So you would have to check over the information that is provided on the website of the campground you are planning on camping at. If you cannot find that information on the website, make sure you look for the contact number for the campground.

Who Is The Fire Pit For

The fire pit here is pretty much perfect for anyone that is able to move it to where they want to have it sitting. This includes people that are camping, going to the beach, or even going to use this in the backyard. Now, it is key to make sure you check out all the regulations for the area you are traveling to and make sure your fire pit that you have here is not going to violate any of them rules.

Who Would Not Like The Fire Pit

The fire pit would not be suited for anyone who is unable to carry it to move to where they need to have it. However, it is also not going to be for people that are backpacking. Yes, the 8 pounds does not seem like much, but combined with the rest of your gear and it could feel like a ton. Not to mention the fire pit would have to cool off completely before you started to break it down to move.

Pros And Cons Of The Fireside Industries Pop Up Fire Pit

  • Can be used for wood or charcoal.
  • Unique mesh design allows for better fires.
  • Smoke is reduced by 80% in most cases.
  • Meets the USFS and BLM fire pan regulations.
  • Lightweight design makes moving it easier.
  • Requires cool down time before moving.
  • Size is small, but can be awkward for some people.
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Whats In The Box

The box that you get is going to have several items that are all meant for the fire pit. The main items are listed here.

  • The fire pit.
  • The legs for the fire pit.
  • The heat shield.
  • Carrying bag that is zippered and weather resistant.

Suggested Accessories

While the fire pit will work great right out of the box, I did find several accessories that work great for the fire pit and compliment it nicely.

The first accessory is one that you need to buy on a regular basis. That is the fire starting sticks. For me, I like the fat wood, which burns up on its own, but it is pine sticks that are small and unlike the pine longs burn up completely and are used to start the fire.

The second item that I would recommend would be a grill grate that fits over the fire pit with some overhang. This makes it easier for you to get the fire pit set up to cook your food, but also have the food ready to be cooked using the fire pit. Remember with a cooking grate you can pretty much cook anything that you want to have made on an open fire.

What Others Are Saying

While I do try to provide you a fair and balance review on the camping gear, I also try to find what other people have said to. This is why I have found a couple of different reviews that are talking about the fire pit as well.

Billystop from Dicks Sporting Goods says this about the product, ”a great, easy to use unit that burns brilliantly”. This is referring to the fire quality and is actually talking about how well the fire pit works since the fire is off the ground.

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Lisa Ryan left a critical review on Amazon about one part of the fire pit and here is the information, ”the bottom barrier to save the grass/keep heat off ground, lasted one evening”. Well, I can say that this can happen to any type of barrier, but it is one that may happen to you, but after reading other reviews this was the only complaint that I found about the fire pit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Ash Drop Through The Mesh?

The ash for the most part is not going to drop through the grates. However, I will tell you that a fine ash will end up dropping through the mesh and can drop down onto the heat barrier.

Can You Buy Replacement Screens?

The fire screens do wear out and do need to be replaced over time. The good news is you do not have to buy a new fire pit, but instead can buy replacement mesh. The manufacturer does claim that the mesh should last for a hundred fires if not more without extremely heavy logs used.

Can seawater be used to put out the fire?

The fire is one that can be put out with seawater as it is water. However, I would recommend rinsing the fire pit off with fresh water to avoid the seawater eating at any covering on the metal materials.

Can I Use Lighter Fluid?

Due to the nature of lighter fluid and the fact that it burns at a high temperature I avoid using it at all cost. This even includes in my grill that is meant to have the lighter fluid used inside of it.

How Can I Make The Heat Shield Last Longer?

The heat shield is one that is going to protect the ground from the heat. However, the heat shield does have to get good air flow around it to keep it cool. So I would recommend keeping it lower to the ground, but not on the ground, and it will not get as hot, but also will have proper air flow.

Our Final Thoughts

A fire pit is a great addition to your camping gear. However, for me the fire pit has to be portable and light enough that I can move without needing hernia surgery afterwards. That is what I really like about the Fireside Industries Pop Up Fire Pit is the fact that it cools off quickly and is light enough and compact enough that almost anyone is able to move the fire pit after you have had your fire.

Fireside Industries Pop Up Fire Pit

119.95 129.95
Price is subject to change and was last updated on 2/16/22.
The portable and easy to iuse Fireside Industries pop up fire pit works great and can provide you with an easy tway to make a camp fire or hav e a small fire at the beach or in your backyard.

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