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Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature, but backpacking and throwing up a tent is not for everyone. In fact, some people like to have a campground that they can stay in. I know that is a little bit of a shocker to some people, but it is true. Now, in Wyoming you have plenty of places to backpack, but you have a wide selection of campgrounds to pick from as well. In this case, we are going to talk about the small, but nice Atlantic City Campground.

Where Is Atlantic City Campground Located

The name of the campground could be very misleading I have found. Some of that stems from the fact that the name Atlantic City is often associated with the boardwalk out East. However, in this case, that is not where the Atlantic City that we are talking about is located.

The campground is actually located close to Lander, WY. The campground for an even narrower perspective of its located is in the South Pass region. To reach the campground it is 1 mile from Highway 28 on the West Side of the Atlantic City Road. Granted, these directions may not be enough to help some people, but that is the actual directions of where the Atlantic City Campground is located from the BLM website.

Features Of The Campground

  • The campground has 18 different sites.
  • Fire rings are included at the sites.
  • The campground does have garbage collection and vault style toilets.
  • Depending on the season you may have water available at the campground.
  • At times you may have a host at the campground, but not all the time.

What Type Of Natural Hazards Are Near The Campground

Finding out about natural hazards is important before you go anywhere in nature. However, what you need to realize is we are only bringing this up for Atlantic City Campground because it does have one major predator that has been seen in the area.

The predator that is in the area here is bears. In fact, you have to keep in mind that you are in the middle of bear country here. Since this is the case, you should make sure you know that bears have been spotted in the area and tend to be prowling around the area. If you do see a bear make sure you follow the proper precautions and keep your distance from the bear.

What Can You Do At Atlantic City Campground

As with any campground it is important to know some of the recreational things you can do in the campground. Now, as you may have already noticed this is a campground that does not have some of the modern amenities you are looking for. That means you are not going to have a swimming pool, Internet, and even a camp guide on staff all the time to help with any issues.

Now, the campground does provide you with plenty of other things to do and most of those are incorporated with nature. That includes hiking into the beautiful area that is around the campground, but it is very important to make sure you take the proper precautions from the bears and other wildlife.

Atlantic City Campground is near Wind River in Wyoming.
Photo by James Saint John and used under CC2.0

Biking and even horse back riding is another activity that is available here. Now, the bikes and horses are going to need to be done on the proper trails. However, these are activities that allow you to get away from the campground and back into the natural beauty that is around the campground.

Documenting your trip is key and a great way to do that is by using the different trails to get to amazing photographic points. Once you have done this you can find that taking the pictures is easy to do. At the same time, though, bird watchers will enjoy the wide selection of birds they can see.

Things To Do Close By

Depending on how much you like fishing you can day hike to the Wind River and try your hand at fishing. Now, their is no guarantee that you will have any success, but it does allow you to connect with nature again and see just how amazing the planet is while enjoying having your line in the water.

Something else that is very fun to do, but needs to be done with caution is exploring the abandoned towns and mines in the area. This region used to be very popular and definitely had a lot of things for you to do. However, these have went away over time and a lot of the mines that helped to build the area are abandoned and the towns that the mines supported are abandoned as well, which makes for great exploration.

How Remote Is The Campground

With a lot of people camping often means trying to find a place that is remote and away from everyone. Well, with only 18 camp sites this is a campground that will not be overly crowded with a lot of people staying in the campsites.

Not to mention the campground is in a fairly remote area already and it will make it easier to see their is a good chance that you could have the campground on your own. Now, it is important to note that some of the year the campground will be closed as the weather changes and impacts the campground accessibility. That is kind of like the campground is limited with water access as well depending on what is going on in the weather.

Pros And Cons

  • Very remote campground with some amenities.
  • Has vault style toilets to use.
  • 18 spots helps ensure quite while camping.
  • Has trails and other amenities to help enjoy nature with.
  • Can handle a variety of campers and tents, but use caution if you are using an RV.
  • The camp worker is not always in attendance.
  • Some of the animals in the area can cause harm to humans, so please keep distance and be safe!

Who Would Like Atlantic City Campground

The campground is one that quite a few people would like. The main group of people who would like this campground would be those that are enjoying the natural beauty and remoteness of a campground.

People who enjoy the quietness of the area would love the campground as well. For me, nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and being able to enjoy the quiet and being able to hear the animals in the natural sounds, instead of hearing the other campers or road traffic.

Who Would Not Like Atlantic City Campground

Just like anything their is always people that are not going to like a certain area. Well, I have to say that the people who would not like this area are more along the lines of those that are unable to disconnect with modern amenities.

As you can imagine it would include people who want to have the Internet available at their finger tips, but also people who rely on electric. The campground does not have any of these features available and the campground does not have individual water hookups either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the spaces large enough for an RV?

The answer is yes most of the spaces are large and spacious. However, at the same time I would use caution as the campground does not have all the needed hookups for a motor home and in some cases the weather can prevent a motor home from coming to the campground.

Are electric hookups available?

The quick reply is no, at the time of this publication the campground does not have electric.

Is water available at the campsites?

At the individual campsites the water is not available. However, weather permitting their is water available as a communal watering area.

What kind of toilets are at the campground?

The campground uses vault style and pit toilets of which their are plenty of them available.

Is the campground staffed?

Occasionally you will have a staff member at the campground, but this is not always the case.

Our Final Thoughts

Camping as I have always said on this site is about reconnecting with nature. I know that some people want to have people connections and Internet connections to enjoy their camping trip. However, if you want to basically get away from almost everything and enjoy your time in the woods then a campground like Atlantic City Campground could be the best option for you. This is a campground that is small and fairly remote. Overall, if you want to get away from it all and still enjoy camping in a campground then I would highly recommend checking this place out.

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