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West Virginia is a beautiful state and for a lot of people is a hidden gem to travel in. If you are camping it is important to find a great campground that is close to the attractions you are looking for and want to see. Well, in West Virginia it is very difficult to narrow down the campground to stay in. Well, in this article we are going to provide a Huntington Foxfire KOA review to see how well this campground stacks up against other campgrounds you can stay at.

Location Of Huntington Foxfire KOA

As you can imagine the Huntington Foxfire KOA is located near Huntington, WV. However, it is not in the city proper, because who wants to go camping in a city? Well, with that being the case, you may want to know where the campground is and how to contact the campground. Here is the contact information in the phone number, but also the address and city for the campground for your maps.

Huntington/Foxfire KOA
209 Fox Fire Road
Milton, WV 25541
(304) 743-5622

Features Of The KOA Campground

Has a beach for the lake at the campground.
Has free high speed WiFi Internet to use.
Allows for pets at the campground.
Has baby sitting services if you need for your kids.
Does have cabins that can be used if you do not have a tent or a camper.

RV Sites Provide Easy Access

The campground is one that has plenty of space for you to pick sites from. In fact, a lot of the sites that are in the campground tend to be very easy to access for your RV, camper, or even tents. This means you are able to find a campsite and know it will hold your camper or anything else that you would be using for camping.

When you are picking out an RV site you may want to make sure you check out the fact that the hook ups are very easy to use and relatively big. This includes the electric, water, and even sewer. To make it even better the campground has everything that works perfectly and is well maintained. What else is great about the campground is it does live up to the KOA standard of having someone that can find the answer to any questions you may have.

Pet Friendly Sites Are Available

I have to say, what is the point of going camping if you are unable to bring your pets with you? I know for one reason or another a lot of campgrounds do not allow pets or if you do have your pets you are limited in where you can stay.

Well, the Huntington Firefox KOA campground realizes that not everyone wants to be separated from their pets. I know for myself, I would not be able to leave my pets behind if I am going to a campground. Thankfully you will notice that the campground here does allow you to bring your pets in and not have to be concerned about being a burden for you or the campground.

Beach Is Available For Campers

While it is not Lake Michigan, the campground does have a small beach area for you to enjoy. Now, it is important to make sure you are aware this is a family friendly campground and the beach will have kids and families using it as well. Still, it does have plenty of space for you to spread out and enjoy the water. Just like all the lakes, though, this is not like a hotel pool that would be heated and it is a lake that is heated only by the sun.

View of the beautiful natural scenery in West Virginia.
Some of the beautiful scenery in West Virginia.

On the downside due to the smaller nature of the lake compared to some other larger water features it can get crowded. This does not mean that you should consider this to be a bad thing, but you can expect crowds. What else does not help out is the fact that the campground itself is popular and can become rather crowded as well.

Provides Access To Internet

How often have you went camping and seen something that you wanted to look up on the Internet or even worse wanted to update your friends on what you have been doing? Well, if you are like me that can definitely be a major sticking point and I have to point out I am used to hotels that have the Internet available for free at times.

Well, you can rest easier knowing that the Foxfire campground has the Internet available to use. This makes it easier for you to get the updates posted and stay in contact with your family and friends. Now, if you are traveling and your house is empty it is important to make sure you use proper cautions when posting online.

Has Cabins That Are Available To Rent

While a campground is typically meant for your RVs, campers, or tents, sometimes you may not have any of this gear. That often comes from the fact that you may live in an area that does not allow them in your home, but also with the cost of campers and RVs may be cost prohibitive. The lack of any of this gear should not deter you when you are looking for a camp ground. In fact, if you look at the KOA campground here you may notice it does have a limited number of cabins available for you to stay in. This makes it easier for everyone to reconnect with nature and have a chance to enjoy the beauty of West Virginia without having to bring all the camping gear.

Does The Huntington Foxfire KOA Have Satellite And Cable Access

The access to cable or satellite did not used to be that big of a thing. However, with more people using Directv and cable television programs or even SiriusXM radio then it has started to become an issue. While the campground does have plenty of trees for you to sit under and enjoy, their are some clear areas that make it easier for your satellite to pick up a signal. However, these sites are very limited and depending on when you are coming to the area they may not even be available.

Is The Foxfire Campground Kid Friendly

The answer to this question will vary greatly as some people will say that anything with an outdoor area is kid friendly and others will say it is not that friendly. Well, that is not always the case as any parent can attest. I do have to say that the campground does have the beach and some playground equipment for the kids to use. However, for the modern kids it will be important to note that the WiFi is free and that does give the kids something to do and will keep busy doing on their devices.

What Local Amenities Are Close

As you can imagine it is important to know what you can do at a campground when you are staying at it and what is close by. Well, at the campground you will find plenty of smaller type of restaurants to enjoy. However, you do have a larger chain type as well including Chick-fil-A and the other typical chains.

The town of Milton does have some amenities for you to enjoy as well. This includes the Blenko Glass Company for the glass lovers heart. You also have The Old Timey Shop close by as well. If you are into racing the Ona Speedway is not far away from the campground either, but most people will enjoy having a chance to go to the Milton Flea Market and Halfway Market. No matter what you are looking for, though, you are in a very beautiful region of West Virginia and have easy access to different natural features as well.

Pros And Cons

  • The campground has level sites that easily accessed by all types of camping gear.
  • Allows pets to stay in the campground.
  • Has a beach and a lake for the campers to enjoy.
  • Close to local amenities in the town.
  • The sites can get muddy at times when the weather conditions are not favorable.
  • The campground can become very crowded.

What Others Are Saying

As you can imagine a KOA campground is going to have plenty of reviews online. Well, I decided to look at TripAdvisor and see what other people have said about the Huntington Foxfire KOA campground and share a couple of the snippets here.

Amy F, who wrote a review in June of 2021 mentioned this, ”RV site clean, big, easy hook up”. As you can see this supports what we mentioned earlier about the sites being larger and easy to access, which makes it easier for you to enjoy your campsite.

Now, not all of the reviews are glowing and heaping praise as can be seen from Ron N in May 2021 who said this. ”Our site was muddy”. Now, I can say that can happen at any campground and even in the middle of the desert if you have a rain shower or have come in the rainy season it does get muddy. Still, it is something to consider as it was a negative review that we found.

Our Final Thoughts On Huntington Foxfire KOA Campground

I will be the first to say that a KOA campground does have to meet a certain standard to remain in the KOA family. This is something that you need to consider as it means the campgrounds are inspected at random and have to meet or exceed the standard. If any issues are found they are corrected to bring the campground back up to the standard. Overall, the Huntington Foxfire KOA campground is one that does not have all the amenities that I would like in a campground as a family, but it does provide a great place to throw your tent or park your RV. Not to mention the location is very easy to access and the lake is another amenity. With the campground here, I have to say I would recommend it, but if you are looking for a lot of amenities then you may want to consider a different campground.

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