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Not everyone that goes camping is going to backpack to their camp site. Some people actually sit down at the camp site in a camp ground and around the fire, but this does not always mean everyone will want to cook in the camper. Well, I know that for a lot of people that will be a challenge as they are going to have to find the right camp stove to use. With that in mind we decided to look at the Kni-Co Alaskan Camp Stove review here to help you find the right stove to use.

Features Of The Kni-Co Camp Stove

Made from high quality steel.
The stove heats up to a temperature that makes cooking easy.
The cooking size is large.
The durability of the camp stove is very good.
Purchase The Kni-Co Alaskan Camp Stove
Make sure you get all of your great camp food prepared right.

Size Of The Camp Stove

As you can imagine knowing the size of the camp stove is invaluable. By knowing the size you can get the right size of wood and not have to worry about cutting down the wood that is needed for heat. The other thing is it gives you an idea on how much space you need on the camping site for your stove.

The dimensions of the stove when in use is 20”Hx12”Wx24”L.

When you get the stove folded down to storage size the height drops down to 12 inches.

Buying the wood is the challenge as the fire box is 11.5”Hx10.75”Wx22”L.

One downside that is found with this stove is it can be a little awkward to carry because of the weight. The camp stove is coming in with a weight of 18 pounds and for some people, with the overall size it can be heavier than what you expect.

What Kind Of Steel Is Used For The Stove

With the camp stove most of them are made out of steel or aluminum. I know that the ones that are made from aluminum tend to be a little bit more flimsy and can bend easily. With the Kni-Co camp stove it is made from 22 gauge cold rolled steel. While the 22 gauge rolled steel is not the heaviest steel on the market it is heavy duty enough to allow you to cook on and use for your camping needs, without worrying about it getting ruined.

How Easy Is The Kni-Co Alaskan Camp Stove To Use

As you can imagine using any camp stove is going to be fairly self explanatory. You need to start the fire off slowly like all fires and with kindling and slowly build the fire up with bigger logs. This in turn can heat up the stove so you can use the top of it to cook your food. It is very important and a serious safety concern to make sure you have your stove ventilated properly to avoid any Carbon Monoxide issues or even catching your tent or RV on fire.

Buy The Kni-Co Alaskan Camp Stove

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Smoke Venting Is Made Easy To Do

As you can imagine venting the smoke away from your food is a very important thing to do and a great way to keep yourself safe. With this being the case, you should know the Kni-Co Alaskan Camp Stove uses a 5 inch stove pipe hole. This makes it easier for you to get the smoke vented out and away from where you are sitting. At the same time, the pipe does work with a tapered pipe that you can buy at your local hardware store, which for me is Home Depot.

Wood Powered Makes It Easy To Find Fuel

How often have you went camping and had a camp stove that required the little propane bottles? I know for me it has happened more than once and even happened at home during a power outage. Well, usually I keep a decent stock of those bottles on hand, but not always and when I run out I tend to struggle to find what I need as the camp stores are sold out or the local Walmart is far enough away that it is a pain to get to or they are sold out as well. With the Kni-Co camp stove you do not really have that worry as the camp stove runs off of wood. In most campgrounds you can find little branches or some type of wood to power your camp stove. This way you do not have to worry about running out of food.

Whats In The Box

Inside of the box you will find all that you need to get started using the camp stove. It includes the stove, the pipe, damper, damper sleeve, and even a spark arrestor. All of these are exactly what you need to get started in using the stove and help to guarantee that it is going to provide you with the best cooking chance possible.

What Accessories Are Available

Yes, you read that right you actually have the chance to find some extra accessories with this camp stove. I was a little bit on the shocked side when I seen this. The accessories that are available are a sink that attaches to the side of the table and a table that can make prep work easier.

With the prep table it will be easier for you to get everything ready for going on the stove and get it cooked at the right time. However, you do need to make sure the camp stove is not going to burn you when you are working on the table near it.

The water sinks is a feature that I imagine that everyone would enjoy. You can use this for soapy water to wash your dishes in after you have eaten. However, as you can imagine the radiant heat will warm your water up to the point that it will be very easy for you to have warm water and not ice cold water.

Pros And Cons

  • The size of the stove is larger which makes it easier to cook multiple items.
  • Is able to use wood, which is a readily available in most campground.
  • Comes with a spray arrestor to help avoid unwanted fires.
  • Can provide extra warmth in the winter.
  • Has extra attachments that can make for a “kitchen feel”.
  • The weight comes in at 18 pounds and that can make it harder to carry.
  • Does take quite a while to cool down after use.
  • Size of the fire box is decent and could take a longer time to get heat built up in.

Our Final Thoughts

A camp stove is definitely a must if you are planning on camping and do not want to cook inside of your camper or tent. That is why I started to look for some of the best camp stoves on the market. One of those that caught our attention are the KNI-Co Alaskan Camp Stove. This is one stove that I have to say I recommend if you are camping at a campsite. The cooking size, accessories, and the fact it is wood powered and not gas makes the KNI-Co Alaskan Camp Stove one of the best camp stoves on the market in my opinion.

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