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Brown Mountain Trekking Poles


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Brown Mountain Trekking Poles

Trekking poles and walking sticks are something that a lot of people end up buying for a variety of reasons. I know that I tend to get mine to help guarantee that I do not fall over when walking on the trails. However, with all the different walking sticks on the market it is very difficult to figure out which one you should buy. Well, that led to me starting to look at the different walking sticks and one of those is the Brown Mountain walking stick or trekking pole depending on what terminology you prefer. With that being the case, I decided it was time to complete a review of the Brown Mountain Walking Stick and share my thoughts with it here.

Features Of The Brown Mountain Walking Stick

  • The trekking poles are made from carbon fiber.
  • Cork handles help to wisp away the moisture in the hand.
  • Utilizes a strong aluminum lock to keep the trekking poles locked in place.
  • Comes with multiple accessories to help guarantee your hiking stick is ready right away.

What Does The Carbon Fiber Offer In The Brown Mountain Walking Stick

The carbon fiber is definitely a plus with the walking stick here as it provides the strength and durability you would expect without the added weight. Now, this does not mean that the walking sticks are overly light and cannot be broken, but it does take quite a bit of force to break the walking sticks.

Now, just like some of the higher end sports cars the carbon fiber does give you a sleek looking walking stick as well. So the look of the walking stick will definitely help you in getting the best experience while hiking without having to worry about the weight of your walking stick or your walking stick breaking on you while you are hiking.

How Durable Are The Brown Mountain Walking Sticks

Durability is definitely an issue with a lot of the walking sticks. I know that I have found that some of the walking sticks that I have owned in the past simply crumble or break under weight. Well, outside of some complaints recently about the workmanship on the walking sticks from others, I did not find anything really negative about the durability.

In fact, some people have reported the Brown Mountain Trekking poles are some of the most durable they have ever used before while hiking. Now, does this mean that they will not break, no. Instead, it does mean that it will take you quite a bit of time or some extremely rugged terrain if they are going to break and not be usable for you anymore.

Does The Aluminum Locking System Actually Work

A common theme that I have seen with all types of walking sticks, trekking poles, and even hiking sticks is the fact that the locking system on the poles is very cumbersome and almost impossible to use. Well, I have to admit that I have even experienced this on my own with some of the walking sticks. So the aluminum locks are definitely a plus, but it is aluminum which can break at times. With that being said, the locks tend to be very durable compared to the older twist style locks that I have used before.

What Height Do The Brown Mountain Walking Sticks Adjust To

Okay, the adjustable walking sticks are definitely here to stay. Yes, I remember the time when it was you had to search through the wood stack to find the right height for you. Well, thankfully those days are behind us now with the advances in technology. Granted, I still love a hard wood carved walking stick, but it definitely is nice having a walking stick to adjust to my height.

Now, as the first part of the topic headlines the height of this walking stick is adjustable. The height can go from 24 inches all the way to 54 inches. This makes it easier for you to buy the walking stick for your kids and know this one will adjust to their height if you want to get them for the kids, but at the same time you could get a walking stick that could adjust to your height as well.

Do The Straps Help Out With The Walking Sticks

Walking sticks with straps seem to have become the norm as well. I found that when I was using the walking sticks they tend to be easier to use with a strap if you plan on letting go of the walking stick at any point in time. At the same time, though, I have found the leather straps to become a hindrance as well with the sticks.

The hindrance of the straps comes when they are wrapped around my wrist and I cannot get the straps undone. This typically comes when I have gloves on or other items that are meant to keep my hands warm. At the same time, the walking stick straps can get twisted as well and that can sometimes make it difficult to walk with the sticks when the straps do get twisted.

Trail for Brown Mountain Trekking Poles

What Is Included With The Brown Mountain Trekking Poles

As I mentioned the Brown Mountain trekking poles do have plenty of options for you to have included in your purchase. So here is a list of what all is included with the Brown Mountain poles.

2 rubber tips. 2 rubber feet. 2 mud baskets. 2 snow baskets. Carrying bag with strap.

What I Like About The Brown Mountain Trekking Poles

Finding what I like about the walking stick here is actually easier than I imagined. One of the main things that I like about the Brown Mountain Trekking poles is the fact that they are made from carbon fiber. This makes it relatively light in weight and makes it easier to walk with the poles and not tire out as quickly as what you would with some of the other poles that are on the market.

Something else that I do enjoy is the tungsten carbide tip. This tip, which is where the feet go tends to be very difficult to break. This makes it a great tip to use and not have to be concerned about the walking sticks breaking or even wearing out when I do have to change out the tip for a better grip.

What I Dislike About The Trekking Poles

Okay, I know a lot of people swear by the straps being helpful and I get the point of the straps helping out. However, I have found the straps can be very annoying and cumbersome at times. This is not a reflection on the Brown Mountain Trekking poles, but any of the hiking poles I have used in the past. It mainly stems from a personal preference as  I always struggle as mentioned to get the straps off of my wrist and that includes my dogs leashes even.

My Final Thoughts On The Brown Mountain Trekking Poles

Finding a new set of walking sticks is never an easy task. You have so many options to pick from, but you also need to find a good brand. With that being said, research is key for finding the right walking sticks. With that being the case, I found the Brown Mountain Trekking Poles to be more of the same old type of walking stick without anything that really makes it stand out from the rest of the pack. Overall, the Brown Mountain Trekking Poles are almost the exact same as all the rest on the market and if you do not mind paying what I consider to be a higher price then the Brown Mountain Trekking Poles are a great option.

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