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The Ozark Trail Bed in a Bag is meant to help you with sleeping at night. The product is one that does this job decently for an affordable price. However, we know the Ozark Trail Bed in a Bag is one that a lot of people have questions about. That is why we have decided at Todays Camping Gear it was time to carry out our own review on the Ozark Trail Bed in a bag and fill you in on what makes this standout from others on the market.

Features Of Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag

  • Is a queen sized bed set.
  • The set fits air mattresses that keeps you off the ground by 22 inches.
  • Has adjustable straps to keep the bed skirt and mattress secured.
  • Side storage pockets provide storage.
  • Has a pillow that is suited for the bed.
Buy The Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag
This is a great option for camp sleeping.

What Are The Dimensions Of Ozark Trails Bed In A Bag

The dimensions makes it easier for you to know exactly how much space you need. Since that is the case here are the dimensions of the bed in a bag. 

The size is that of a queen sized bed, but in an air mattress form. This generally means it can fit in some of the tents and queen bed air mattresses. It is important to note this is the sheet set.

With this being just the bedding the weight of the sheets is actually fairly negligible. It tends to make it easier for you to carry and even with the carry bag definitely makes it easier for you to move around the campground.

The Fabric Is Soft And Breathable 

How often have you been in a sleeping bag at night and wake up the next morning drenched in sweat? Well, if you are like me it is pretty much anytime that I have went out camping in the woods. That is not only annoying, but generally means you have some bad body odor as well.

The Ozark Trail company has addressed that issue that you may have by using only breathable fabric. This is a great option and makes it quite a bit easier for you to enjoy the set even more.

While you may think that the fabric is breathable that it will not be warm. However, that is not the case as the fabric and the way the set is made keeps you comfortably warm. Now, the best part is with the warmth the fabric is not overly heavy or feel like a weighted blanket.

Works On Mattresses Up To 22 Inches 

The air mattress is not included in the set here. However, what is great about the set here is it will fit on the majority of the queen size air mattresses. The downside is if the mattress is too large the set may not fit securely.

As I mentioned the 22 inch mark is the happy place for this set. At 22 inches the set is able to reach down and wrap around the corners and edges of the mattress. So this height is optimal for it to fit properly and not cause any issues.

Now, you may be asking if the bed in a bag will fit on an air mattress that is under the height or over it. The answer is yes, it can, but it will not stay as secure. Remember the straps that are meant to keep the sheets from slipping and the wrong sized mattress can make it impossible for these to fit properly.

Buy The Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag
This is a great option for camp sleeping.

Has A Hooded Top

Anyone who has went camping before and uses a sleeping bag is used to the hood from a mummy style sleeping bag. This does help conserve the heat in your body, but also keeps your comfort level up by not having bugs in your hair.

Well, if you are transitioning to a queen sized air mattress the chances are you could be using a regular sheet set. This does work, but it does not have all the same features that you could expect with a camping sheet set or even worse the head protection you may need to have.

The set here, since it is fairly well styled after a traditional mummy sleeping bag it gives you the hood. The hood provides the heat trapping ability that you may need when camping in the cooler weather, but also bug protection. Bug protection is limited with what you are getting, but it is definitely a positive since it makes it easier for you to avoid all of the bugs even if a couple do get into your tent or sleeping bag.

Adjustable Straps Keep The Sheets Secure

How often have you been sleeping in your bed at home and had the fitted sheet pull up? Now imagine that it is your entire bed that is being pulled up when the sheets come up? Can you imagine the nightmare that would be for you?

I know that I definitely can imagine that it would be a nightmare and not something I want to deal with. Even on an air mattress, which I have found tends to have a little bit better gripping on the bottom compared to the regular mattress it is still a nightmare. Thankfully the Ozark Trail company knows this nightmare as well and have come up with a solution for it.

The solution that is found in the bed in a bag is the straps. These straps are the ones that you can slip under the air mattress. When the straps are under the air mattress it holds the sheets in place and prevents them from sliding up. With the sheets pulled out perfectly, it makes it easier to lay down and take a good long nap.

Buy The Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag
This is a great option for camp sleeping.

Carry Bag Makes Storage Easy

One perk that I have found here is the carrying bag. Now, like most of the things that you can find with a carrying bag it is difficult to get the items back into the bag once it is out, but it is a great idea.

The bed in a bag comes with its own carrying bag. This makes it easier for you to take the bedding off of the air mattress and have it stuffed into the carry bag. Then you can easily move the bedding from your mattress to your vehicle.

Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag

Is Only A Cover Set

The picture and some of the description that you can find online is very misleading. The misleading part is you would think this is a complete bed.

Instead, as quite a few people have found out, this is only a cover set. This makes it a challenge for some people. Not to mention this is a set that is meant to fit a queen size air mattress.

Now, on the plus side if you do have a queen sized air mattress this is a great option. The reason this is a great option is it will fit the mattress snugly. However, you also have to watch the measurements of the depth of your air mattress.

Very Difficult To Wash

The straps are the part that are going to help keep the bed set from slipping up. However, the straps are a down fall as well for the design of this bag as well. That is because the straps have a tendency to get everything wrapped up for the bed and keep it from getting clean.

Another issue that a lot of people have is the dirt that can work its way into the bed tends to be difficult to get out. However, a lot of people have started to report that if you take the bag out first and vacuum it and hang it outside with the wind it does get most of the dirt removed.

Finally, as a lot of people have picked out this is nothing more than a large sleeping bag. Well, anyone who has had to wash a sleeping bag knows that this is a challenge to wash. So if you do not have a larger washing machine you could run into the problem of the sleeping bag or bed in a bag not fitting properly.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to fit over an air mattress.
  • Provides breathable fabric for cooling.
  • Does not slide on the mattress.
  • The weight is not overly heavy.
  • Has a hooded area and pillow for more comfort.
  • Washing can be difficult.
  • Can cause issues with air mattress if straps are overtightened.

Who Would Like This

As you can imagine the first people that would really enjoy this and fall in love with it would be those that have a queen sized air mattress. That is because the bedding here is meant to fit on the queen sized air mattresses.

The other people who will enjoy the set are those that are trying to get a sheet set that does not slip. The straps that are here make it easier for you to get the set put in place and not have to worry about it sliding all over the place on you.

Who Would Not Like This

Now, I have to admit one of the first groups of people that I do not think would really be impressed with the bed in a bag are those in an RV. Yes, you may have these put in the RV and use them on your bed, but since you do not move the bed that often and can use traditional sheets this may not be the best option.

The other group of people who would not really care for the bed set are those that are not really comfortable in a sleeping bag style sheet set. That is because the set here is set up like a sleeping bag in how you lay in it. However, the style is set up more of a mummy style.

Whats In The Box

Buying the set often means you are going to get a great item to take care of finding a cover set for your air mattress. Still, it is important to know what is inside of the box to guarantee you get everything you need. Since that is the case here is what is in the box for the set you buy.

The main thing in the box is everything that you need to get the set working properly for your air mattress right away. This includes the cover, bed skirt, but also the pillows and straps.

While it does have these in the box these are the basics that are needed. I would check to make sure that the zipper works properly before putting the bed in a bag on your air mattress.

Buy The Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag
This is a great option for camp sleeping.

Additional Accessories To Consider

When you are buying the Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag you may want to consider the following items to help make the product work even better.  Some of these accessories will help out right away, but others are going to be items that you find out down the line.

An air mattress is one of the main accessories I would want to get. Yes, you may already have the air mattress, but if you are getting a new bedding set would it not be the perfect time to get a new air mattress as well?

Extra blankets are another thing that you may want to consider buying. These extra blankets are going to fit inside of the bag and fit nicely in between you and the outer layer of the bag.

What Others Are Saying 

While I do provide quite a bit of information about the item here, I want to give you information from others. Here is some of the feedback that has been left by other reviews online.

A reviewer on the Walmart website named Jenn, had this to say. “Kept us cozy and warm”. This is a great feature and definitely shows that the product did its job by keeping them warm, but the comfort is another factor that a lot of people do not think about.

Shane also left this on the Walmart website. ”the straps that you use to attach to the bed warped together”. I am sure he meant wrapped, but it mentions the straps on the bed in a bag and how they would get wrapped together when he was washing the set.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Temperature Rating?

The bed in a bag, as it stands on its own is more of a summer or warmer weather as the rating is down to 50 degrees.

Does Both Sides Of The Bed Have A Zipper?

Yes, the zipper is located on both sides of the sleeping bag on the mattress making it easier to zip down.

How Far Up Does The Zipper Go?

The zipper will go up to 18 inches from your head, which makes it easier to get in and be comfortable.

Do Blankets Fit Inside Of The Bedding?

Yes, blankets can easily fit inside of the sleeping bag for added warmth.

How Do You Wash This Bed In A Bag?

You can machine wash the item, but it is recommended to get rid of all the dirt and dust prior to washing.

My Final Thoughts On The Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag

I have to say that this product has some positives and negatives. Overall, the Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag is going to provide you with a very usable and comfortable while you are using it. So you need to make sure you know about this as it will make a difference in how much you enjoy it. My final thoughts are I would recommend the Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag for the fact that it does fit comfortably on most of the queen size air mattresses and does not slip like some of the other products on the market. 

Ozark Trail Bed In A Bag

69.95 69.95
Price is current as of 3/23/22 and subject to change.
The Ozark Trail Bed in a bag has everything that you need to get your queen sized air mattress protected from a variety of wear and tear while camping.

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