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Introducing The Spiderman Youth Sleeping Bag

A sure winner for every sleepover, comfortable and easy to store. Great bag for Grandparents to have when the kids come over. For indoor or outdoor use for temperature rating of 45 degrees and above.

Features Of The Spiderman Youth Sleeping Bag

  • Has a full length zipper that is self repairing, which will make this a great sleeping bag for kids.
  • Comes with a carry bag that will make it easier for the kids to carry the sleeping bag with them.
  • The insulation that is inside of the sleeping bag is 2 pounds of the Triloft II, which will help keep the sleeping bag warm down to 45 degrees.

Pros Of The Spiderman Youth Sleeping Bag

  • The character of Spiderman is easily one of the most recognized characters for kids and it will make it easier for the kids to feel safe knowing they are sleeping on their hero.
  • Zipper is self repairing so you do not have to be concerned about your kids not being able to zip themselves up in the sleeping bag.
  • Comfort is key when your kids are going to want to have some great times with your kids and with this sleeping bag it has been reported to be extremely comfortable.

Cons Of The Spiderman Youth Sleeping Bag

  • As was mentioned in the quickshot block up above, the sleeping bag can get lumpy with the insulation when it has been washed and dried.
  • Some people have reported this is a sleeping bag that can be rather thin at times and this can make it hard for you to get comfortable in the sleeping bag.

Our Final Take On The Spiderman Youth Sleeping Bag

When you are looking for a great sleeping bag for your kids, you will find their is going to be a challenge because a lot of sleeping bags are not made for kids. I know that I found this hard when I was looking for sleeping bags that are meant for youth. However, what is even worse is the fact this is a large market the camping world seems to be missing out on. How are you going to get kids interested in camping if they cannot start to go camping when they are young? The Spiderman youth sleeping bag is easily one of the best on the market for the younger kids as it will suit their needs and can easily grow with them. The main thing that you need to remember is these are sleeping bags meant for kids so you may have to help them with the zipper, even a sleeping bag like this one that is supposed to have a safe zipper that will not have any issues. Overall I would recommend this sleeping bag for parents or grandparents for the kids in their life.

Ratings Of The Spiderman Youth Sleeping Bag 

[hor_bar id=”354″ size=”4.5″ comfort=”3.5″ warmth=”3.5″ weight=”3.5″ overall_value=”3.5″]

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