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Roomier than most sleeping bags, the Celsius Regular -18C/0F is filled with SuperLoft Elite four-channel hollow fiber insulation to keep out the chill on fall, spring, and summer evenings.

Features Of The Teton Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag

  • Has the wonderful and durable taffeta shell that will allow you to use this sleeping bag for many years to come.
  • The drawstring on the hood will help to keep your head off of the ground so you will not be stuck with your head on the ground when you are trying to sleep at night.
  • With this sleeping bag you will find that it has a right and left handed zip, which is going to make it easier for you to get the sleeping bag zipped up or even in getting the sleeping bag zipped together with another sleeping bag.

Pros Of The Teton Sports Celsius Sleeping Bag

  • Has several different draft buffers that is going to help you in staying warm, even if it starts to get really cold at night.
  • With this sleeping bag it is more rectangular in shape, rather than the mummy sleeping bag that are commonly found with a lot of the insulated sleeping bags.
  • Sometimes you will have some belongings with you that you do not want to leave outside of your sleeping bag in your pants, like a wallet. With this sleeping bag it is not an issue as their is a belongings pocket inside of the sleeping bag.

Cons Of The Teton Sports Celsius Sleeping Bag

  • This is a sleeping bag that is rather large when packed and heavy, which is going to prevent it from being used for one of the things that people would want to use it for and that is hiking.
  • If you are a taller individual you may find the sleeping bag is going to be far to short for you to use.

Our Final Take On The Teton Celsius 

Teton Sports Celsius Sleeping Bag We know this is going to vary from the youth sleeping bags that we have been reviewing lately, but quite frankly that is because I wanted to have a change of pass. This is a sleeping bag that is insulated and rated down to zero degrees farenheit. So you will find this is a sleeping bag that is going to keep you warm and provide you with the comfort you want to have. You will also notice this is a sleeping bag that has all of the comfort that you want to have in far as the way of padding for sleeping on. Something else that is important to note is the fact this is a sleeping bag that will have a double zipper so you will be able to zip two of these together if you need to. Either way, this is a sleeping bag that will provide you with quite a bit of comfort and warmth for all seasons of camping.

[hor_bar id=”354″ size=”4″ comfort=”4″ warmth=”4.5″ weight=”2″ overall_value=”3.75″]

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