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Buying a new sleeping bag with the cost of everything going up has become an expensive venture at times. However, what you need to realize is the sleeping bags do not have to be overly expensive and in some cases still provide you with all the comfort you want to have. Well, I have to admit I started looking on the Walmart website for some less expensive options and one of those that caught my attention is the Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag, which is what I am doing my review on now.

Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag

Features Of The Wenzel Windy Pass

  • Rated down to 0 degrees.
  • Uses 56 ounces of Omega II fill
  • Mummy style sleeping bag.
  • Has a stuff sack.
  • Polyester insulation helps lock in heat.
  • 60 inch zipper with draft tube and anti snag.
  • Larger size at 33 inches by 84 inches.
Own A Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag
A nice summer sleeping bag for a reasonable price.

Cold Air Is Not An Issue

Cold air is definitely an issue with a lot of sleeping bags and even early spring or later fall camping trips. Well, the Wenzel Windy Pass takes care of that with the amount of insulation the sleeping bag has inside of it. The sleeping bag is rated for anywhere from 0 degrees to 20 degrees.

Now what else will make it easier for you to enjoy the sleeping bag is the fact that the hood has a drawstring. This allows you to cinch down the hood to a tighter fitting around your head and face. With it cinched down it will keep the colder air out and help to seal in your warmer air from your own body.

Mummy Style Provides Comfort

Personally I have not really been a fan of the mummy style sleeping bags for quite some time. However, the mummy style sleeping bags are a great way to have all of your body contained in one unit and helps to conserve heat. Not to mention if you are like me the hood on the sleeping bags are a great way to keep your camping pillow in place. Then you do not have to worry about it falling out of the sleeping bag or onto the ground.

Something else that has me warming to the mummy style of sleeping bags is the fact that they wrap you tighter. This makes it easier for me and most likely you to get the comforting hug type of feel that you want to have. However, what you need to realize is this sleeping bag can be constricting on the movement you have at times when you go to roll over at night.

Size Makes It Easy For Most Anyone To Fit In

The size of the Wenzel Wendy is definitely large enough that most people are able to fit inside of comfortably. Now, this does not mean that you are going to be able to fit in it if you are Shaq, but it will provide plenty of space and comfort for most people.

The downside is the mummy fit can make it a little bit tighter than what you expect. So if you are like my husband and on the heavier side then you could have some problems fitting in the sleeping bag with the zipper section and the tightness that the mummy bags have been known to have.

Own A Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag
A nice summer sleeping bag for a reasonable price.

No Sweating At Night

Sleeping at night when you are camping often means that you have an increased chance of sweating. That comes from the lack of air conditioning, but also the fact that the campers are not as well ventilated as your houses, even if you open the windows. Well, the sleeping bag here has a breathable liner that makes it easier for you to sleep at night and not have to be concerned about the sleeping bag keeping all of your heat inside of it.

Has Plenty Of Filling

The filling in the sleeping bag definitely helps provide plenty of comfort for your camping trip. However, what else you will notice is the filling is going to be light enough that it will not keep you stuck in the sleeping bag like a lead weight. So that makes it easier for you to enjoy your camping trip even more than what you normally would have before. The Omega II fill that is used is coming in at 56 ounces.

Pros And Cons

  • The breathable liner makes it easier to have a comfortable nights rest.
  • The hood is a drawstring style to cinch down comfortably.
  • Comes with a stuff sack to make it easier to carry.
  • The larger size is going to make it easier for almost anyone to fit into.
  • The temperature rating is good for down to 0 degrees.
  • The sleeping bag is a mummy style which is not a style that everyone enjoys.
  • The cold weather rating is good, but is for emergencies only and may not be as warm as expected.
Own A Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag
A nice summer sleeping bag for a reasonable price.

Who Would Like The Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag

This is one sleeping bag that a lot of people will enjoy. However, after looking over some of the review the temperature rating is meant mainly for the emergency type of situations. So the people that would mainly like this sleeping bag would be those that are camping in the summer months or even wanting to have the early fall or late spring camping trips.

The other people who would like this sleeping bag would be those that are staying in a camper. When you are in the camper and the cold air is not that much of an issue, then you are going to enjoy this sleeping bag as it will work great.

Who Would Not Enjoy The Sleeping Bag

People who are planning on camping in the middle of winter may find this sleeping bag is not the one for them. Granted, the sleeping bag has a rating down to 0, it is not going to keep you as warm as you would expect. Instead, it will have an emergency rating that is meant for this temperature.

What Others Are Saying

As always I try to provide everyone with some information on what other people have said about the sleeping bag. That is why I found a couple of reviews to give you the information here to help out in making your decision.

A reviewer by the name of Ronald on the Walmart website has this to say about the bag. ”I have stayed very comfortable”. Now, the rest of the review he is talking about using it in a climate controlled cabin, but even then as I mentioned if you have a climate controlled area this is a great sleeping bag to use and still be comfortable in.

A critical review that we found also on the Walmart website said this about the sleeping bag and it is from Jessica. ”it got down to thr low 40s and he was very cold”. The direct quote does have the spelling error, but she was talking about her husband using the sleeping bag and how it was cooler than expected. She did go on to mention that the sleeping bag was a little bit on the thin side, which also would mean not much padding around the sleeping bag to nestle down into if you are sleeping on the ground.

Own A Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag
A nice summer sleeping bag for a reasonable price.

FAQ On The Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag

What Size Is The Sleeping Bag?

The sleeping page is 33 inches by 84 inches with the mummy style.

What is the overall weight of the sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag comes in at just over 4 pounds at 4 pounds 4 ounces.

How much fill is in the sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag has 56 ounces of the Omega II filling.

How long is the zipper section of the Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag?

This is a mummy style sleeping bad and the overall zipper length is roughly 60 inches.

Does the sleeping bag have a draft collar?

Yes, their is a draft collar in this sleeping bag, but it also has a contoured hood as well.

Our Final Thoughts

Sleeping bags can either be really cheap or very expensive, but they almost all have their own positives and drawbacks. I know that a lot of the sleeping bags on the market claim to be the best ones around, but this is not always the case as you can tell from personal experience. Overall, I would have to say the Wenzel Windy Pass sleeping bag is a decent bag for the most part, but with the mummy style and thinner materials it is not a bag for me. Still, others may find it enjoyable and actually be very comfortable in the sleeping bag.

Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag

39.95 39.95
Price is current as of 3/4/22. Subject to change click on link to find out current price.
Own your own amazing Wenzel Windy Pass Sleeping Bag today!

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